Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rimmel Steel Grey, Rimmel Camouflage & The Brush Comparison

Unintentionally, I seem to have turned my weekend blog posts into "All Rimmel-All The Time"! That's going to end after this post, because I was just outside taking some pictures of Chanel Illusion D'Or and I think I could've stayed out there playing with that one for hours! But for now, here's a look at another Rimmel from their Lasting Finish Pro Line, Steel Grey.
Above: As I've mentioned in my 2 previous posts, this newest line from Rimmel is fantastic. I'm getting a nice opaque look with 2 coats and the application is quick and easy. Steel Grey is similar to many taupes I have, but what's one more taupe, right?
Above: An older, yet much loved Rimmel, Camouflage. This medium kelly green is infused with gold shimmer and is shown using 2 coats.
Below: A brush comparison of the two featured colors will show you a huge difference in the design. I personally find them both easy to work with.
My overall thoughts on the new Rimmel line are that they are far superior to many other drugstore polishes, and at $3.99 a piece, you're really getting a quality polish at a great price. I love the bottle design, the wider brush with the somewhat angled bristles make for an easy application, and the formula is excellent.


  1. I've always wondered how the Rimmel polishes are (quality and such), thanks for this review! ^_^ nice colors too!


  2. Thank you for the brush comparison! I have been a huge Rimmel fan for ages but I do prefer a little wider brush, not house painting size but closer to pro wide. :)

  3. Thank you for posting Steel Grey! I have passed over that color several times but I think I need to get it now! Very pretty!

  4. Camouflage is GORGEOUS. And wow, that new brush is....unique O_O never seen anything quite like it

  5. Steel grey is terrific!!! I like it!!! *_*
    thanks for swatch it!!!

  6. The Steel Grey looks more taupe. Lovely shade on you. I also like it. I bought Camoflage last year. Sadly I haven't worn it. I'm glad to know that these polishes are so good. I haven't used any of their makeup. Do you know if that's any good?

  7. Loving the look of steel grey! Think I might have to pick one up!
    E x

  8. Aru~these new ones are fantastic! I never had a problem with the older ones on the shimmers, but the cremes were chippy. THis formula seems much better.

    Evil Angel~you're welcome, that was for you! I like them wider too in most cases, but get irritated if they're cut all uneven, which these are not :)

    Distant Dreamer~I'm happy I picked it up too, very nice taupe shade.

    SilhouetteScreams~Camo is a favorite of mine and many others! The brush is very similar to Sally Hansen's, and I imagine more will be coming out with this style.

    Patinails~glad you like it! The formula is great too, so it's a great polish.

    Lucy~it is definitely more taupe, so the name might be a little confusing! The only makeup I have is some eye shadows which are just alright, nothing special, and some of their glosses, which I do like quite a bit.

    Eliza~I think you should have this one! Ha-ha~it's very nice though :)