Monday, April 12, 2010

QRS/Quirius Fall/Winter, But When Are They Going To Re-Open?

Quirius/QRS sent me their Fall/Winter shades last Fall just before they closed for 'system upgrades'. I swatched them last night in anticipation of their online store re-opening, which was supposed to have been 4/10/10. I checked their site and it now says they'll re-open 4/16/10, so I'm not sure exactly what's going on with them, but I'll be checking back on the 16th.

Above: Just Take My Heart is a vivid fuchsia tone with violet blue flash (2 coats on all photos).
Below: Chapel of Love, a carnation pink, has the slightest bit of shimmer, but appears as a creme.
Below: Courtly Rose is a dusty lilac, and the blue flash adds a nice element.
Below: Rose Breeze is a toned down version of Courtly Rose, but it's more of a dusty mauve tone.
Below: J's Cappuccino is a metallic or frost shade that is not my favorite. It's a beige with slight golden undertones, but a little too 'brush-strokey' for me.
Below: Sand Castle is a light taupe shimmer with silvery undertones, but again, the finish is not my favorite.
I've always liked the polishes I've gotten from QRS, and their customer service has been exellent as well, but I'm not sure why they closed for several months to upgrade their online system. At any rate, their latest offering of shades (Fall/Winter) are nice, but nothing like some of their other shades--Paris Night, Cresskill Eve, Autumn Bronze and The Arabian Nights are some of my favorites. This collection is a nice, safe mix of colors, but I guess I was hoping for one or two that were really something unique. Has anyone else heard anything about QRS and their re-opening?
My daughter returned to school today after a nearly 2 week Spring break, so I have lots of catching up to do! I don't recall ever having a Spring break that was that long, but then again, it seems like they have a lot more days off than we used to. The first order of business is to give my poor hands and nails some attention. They've been neglected, so I'm going to try and get them back into shape.


  1. gorgeous colours i love the purple one...

  2. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love Just Take My Heart - that is my kind of pink and I want it! :) Hope they reopen soon - I remember checking their site months ago and seeing that it was down :(

  3. I am now lemming Courtly Rose, what a fabulous color!

  4. I e-mailed them several weeks ago to make sure they would be opening on the 10th and I never heard anything back :-( I hope they open up on the 16th because I need more of their topcoat!

  5. Just Take My Heart reminds me of the pink on my index finger here. Your description and photo is spot-on. But my pics don't do it justice. Your pics always look so accurate and pretty.

  6. Just Take My Heart and Courtly Rose are my favourites :3

  7. Some of them are really pretty like Just Take My Heart and Courtly Rose. Love the flash on them. The others are too brush strokey for me.