Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Product Review: SEED Grape Seed Enriched Hair & Body Care Products

Above & Below: SEED brand grape seed enriched conditioning hair shampoo bar and moisturizing body soap. Both are lightly scented with citrus and thyme.

Below: SEED brand nourishing body lotions (restful lavender is shown on the left and citrus blend is on the right).

I recently had the opportunity to try out a fairly new line of natural body care products from Seed Power Body Care. These products are 100% natural and "powered" with nutrient-rich grape seeds, which are filled with antioxidants, including Vitamin E. You can read more about their ingredients and their philosophy on the website. You can find Seed Power products at Whole Foods stores, and they can also be ordered online at Amazon and The Seed Store. I found these products to be of very high quality, effective, and reasonably priced.
SEED Conditioning Hair Shampoo Bar~3.5 oz. bar~$4.49
This is available in Invigorating Citrus Thyme, which is what I have, and also unscented. I've never used a shampoo bar, so I was a little skeptical at first. My hair is very fine and just below my ears. I rubbed it across my hair in the shower just a couple of times, and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it lathered up. The scent is refreshing, but not at all overpowering. It rinses out well, but I was concerned because I didn't get that silky feeling I have after using conditioner. I kept my fingers crossed that the conditioner in the bar would be enough, and didn't use any other products on my hair before blow drying it, because I wanted to see how this product worked by itself. Other than the fact that the comb didn't glide through my wet hair quite as easily as it normally does, it styled just fine. There is no static, and my hair is soft, shiny and manageable. I like the portability of this product, and the packaging is a typical soap box which can be recycled. This product is recommended for women and men, and is primarily for shorter styles. I believe they are developing a bar for longer styles. I am no longer skeptical of washing my hair with a shampoo bar!
This product is available in the Invigorating Citrus Thyme and the unscented also. Again, I have the scented one, and while it smells very refreshing and citrus-like, it is by no means too strong of a scent, nor does it linger on the skin. This soap lathers up nicely and you can feel the fine grains of Pomegranate, Strawberry and Apricot seeds gently exfoliating as you wash. It rinses clean and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight. I especially like the feeling of exfoliation I get from this bar, because the grains are very condensed, but they're ground so fine that they don't scratch you.
I have the Restful Lavender and Citrus Blend scents, and it's also available in an unscented version. This lotion is enhanced with Green Tea Extract and Shea Butter, and leaves my skin soft and very silky feeling--I can't tell you enough about just how silky and amazing this makes my skin feel! It absorbs quickly with no trace of any type of residue. Both of these scents are quite strong when applying them, but they dry down quickly leaving just a light, fresh fragrance that doesn't interfere with any perfume I may be wearing.

Below is some information on a contest they are having which will not only give the winner (and one of their friends) the entire line of SEED products, but also allow a national charity to receive a $500.00 donation. Check it out and make sure to enter now, because it ends April 15th.

At SEED, we believe every day is Earth Day, and we are celebrating Earth Month by asking you to give us your SEEDS of green inspiration. Tell us how you are “greening up your routine” in 140 characters or less on TWITTER ( or Facebook ( Our favorite 25 tweets from Twitter and 25 favorite wall posts on Facebook will win 1 grape seed enriched moisturizing body soap and 1 grape seed enriched lathering shampoo bar (made especially fine to normal and shorter hair)! All winning tips will also be posted on our blog, newsletter, and/or other SEED Sites!

Support a worthy National Charity! If you join our
email/newsletter community between now and April 15th, you will be automatically entered for a chance to win $500 to a charity of your choice* plus the entire SEED collection for you and a friend!

Here’s one of the ways SEED supports Sustainable Beauty: Bar soaps have gotten a bad rap for way too long. But did you know SEED's grape seed enriched moisturizing body soap is just as exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing as a bottled body wash? And, did you know that most liquid shampoo have a lot of chemicals, including petro-chemicals which go down our drain into our water? SEED’s shampoo bar is rich in lather and easy to use! Our soap and shampoo bars have a smaller ecological footprint than their liquid counterparts. Not only do they skip the wasteful plastic packaging, use less water in manufacturing, AND they are lighter in weight, using less energy to ship. SEED’s moisturizing body soap and lathering shampoo bar are 100% natural, comes with bio-degradable packaging, and is made right here in the USA.

Contest Rules: Only one winner per household. All winners must live in the USA or Canada. If you post on Twitter remember to start your tweet with our hashtag: #seedpower so we can find your green-tastic tip! The $500 donation winner may select from the following charities: *American Cancer Society, Big Brother/Big Sisters of America, Sierra Club, or Autism Speaks

~Products featured in this post were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. When I used shampoo bars, I used to seal the cuticle of my hair by rinsing with a white vinegar/water mix. I believe it was one part vinegar to three or four parts of water. Apple vinegar works too, but found white vinegar to be less of an assault on the senses. It made my hair so silky. This might not be necessary for shorter lengths (my hair was around tailbone length), but my hair always felt very lush afterwards.

  2. Skulda~I really like this line--and they're environmentally concerned as a company, which is always appreciated.

    LacquerMuse~I could see that something like that would help. It seems that the conditioner may not quite be enough in shampoo bars, especially for longer hair.