Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Last of My Recent OPI Black Labels

I finally got around to doing some quick swatches of the last three OPI black label shades that my hair salon gave me. Again, nothing terribly rare, but I find an odd sense of excitement when I'm able to locate older polishes!

Above: Canadian Maple Leaf is my favorite from this group. From the Fall 2004 Canadian Collection, this burgundy micro-shimmer flashes blue and purple shimmer. All photos are taken with an Ott lamp and I used coats.
Below: Red-Y To Help was an American Red Cross promo polish, with some of the proceeds going to that organization. I believe this came out in 2006. This is a darker red shimmer, but not quite a burgundy.
Below: Charge It In Milan was part of the Shopping Around the World Holiday 2005 Collection. It's a deep copper shimmer, but not particularly to my liking because of the strong orange tones.
I don't know what it is about finding a discontinued nail polish, but it's always fun for me. Half of the fun is in researching which collection they're from and then figuring out which ones I still need to make up a complete one. I have a bag of some others I picked up several months ago at an Asian salon, so I need to get those out and then make a list of which ones I'm closest to on having the entire collection of. They didn't speak English at this particular salon, and when I asked if they had any black label OPI's they looked at me like I was crazy! But the one fellow was very nice about getting down on the floor and looking up at the glass shelves, then pulling them all out for me to see. Sadly, I paid retail for them, but even at that, it was a fun and entertaining treasure hunt!


  1. Love the pretty deep shades. I know most people want to wear the pastels and lighter shades during the Spring and Summer. It's really exciting to me also to get the older polishes. I've gotten some from VNS and was so thrilled. I got a really old Color Club and China Glaze. Hope I get some in this order.

  2. I really like all of thhem! They look nice on you :)

  3. Canadian Maple Leaf looks really pretty - quite similar to Don't Wine Yukon Do It (which I have) from the same collection. Maybe I'll have to seek it out! These shades are perfect for me in the Southern Hemisphere:)

  4. Hi Mary. I recently placed an order with you for 2 polishes from your shoppe. I e-mailed you for the status of my order, but you don't respond. My name is Arrianne (arrianne311[at]hotmail[dot]com) I'd appreciate a response. =)

  5. When I enter my polishes on my database - for the OPI's I have a column header to list if they are black label. I have one more box of older polishes to still enter and a ton of newer ones I know have no blk labs in them. I feel the same way about trying to find some of mine - what the name of the collection it was from. Your post here helped me as I have Red-Y-to Help. I recall still when I bought it and knew it was not part of any collection. So thanks for the rest of the story on it - it all is coming back to me now I recall the shop I got it at (no longer there now - used to haunt it as they had all the CND's when they still went by their full name and not CND and all the OPI's once they got started in 88.