Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kleancolor: Black Glitter (party in a bottle!) & Sonic Bloom

I'm making such progress on my untried's--here's the last of my Kleancolors--that I 'had' to have...last July! I no longer see these shades on their website, and I know they recently redesigned their bottles. These may be discontinued, but now I'm seeing some other shades on their site I want. It never ends, does it?

Above: & Below: Black Glitter (#202) is one of the best bar glitter polishes I've tried. I say this because many times the glitter applies unevenly, and/or the base color is so sheer, I end up needing multiple coats. This one, a deep charcoal shimmer with multi-colored holographic bar glitter and small hexagonal glitter, applied nicely in 2 coats with a fairly even distribution of the bars.
Below: Why I refer to this one as a party in a bottle!
Below: Sonic Bloom is a bright teal creme with a jelly finish. I used 2 coats, and you can still see the nail line slightly. This applied very nicely though, so I think I'll go with 3 coats the next time.
Below: I absolutely adore the glossy, jelly-like finish of Sonic Bloom.
Below: A little off-topic, but it's so nice to be able to go outside to photograph my pictures and finally start to see some things blooming.
Kleancolor makes some fantastic polishes, and at only $3.49, they're a good bargain. They offer a wide array of finishes, and I've never experienced any problems with their application. Have you ever tried this line? Do you have any Kleancolor favorites?


  1. That is a party in a bottle for sure!
    Sonic Bloom is gorgeous!

  2. That's a fantastic black party polish! Love it. I don't own any you temptress! Glad to see your growing plants. Look forward to many more.

  3. I really like the black glitter! I think I have a top coat from Sally Hansen with the rectangular holographic stuff in it like that.

  4. Black glitter is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have several Kleancolors that I haven't even swatched! I think that I'll have to pull them out.

  6. Jessica~a great bar glitter polish, for sure! Sonic Bloom reminds me of something, I just have to figure out what!

    Lucy~I really like Kleancolors, you need to get some! Yes, I'm very much looking forward to working in the yard if it would ever stop raining!

    Nihrida~I do too! And the application was great.

    Phyrra~I love bar glitter, but usually have issues getting it to apply evenly. This one was great!

    NY*NAIL*DIVA~it is! I love this one. The glitters just glow and sparkle like crazy.

    SilhouetteScreams~they reflect the light and change color really well, I love it too :)

    JennyKaye~you need to try them out! They make some fantastic shades.