Sunday, April 18, 2010

Illamasqua Muse With Chanel Illusion D'Or

Poor Muse, I only took one picture of it by itself. Not that it's not a perfect teal creme that applies like a dream in 2 coats, because it most certainly is all of that and more.

Below: But Illamasqua Muse also makes the perfect backdrop for Chanel Illusion D'Or... looks like gold leaf over turquoise
...or patina over granite...
...or perhaps gold and blue stars in a far away galaxy

...sometimes it reminds me of blue mosaic sequin glass or a gazing ball
...and close up you can see all of the intricate details

This. This is what comes to mind when I look at Illusion D'Or.
Is it just me, or is this polish not gorgeous? I had this ready to order one night last week, and then I told myself it really didn't seem all that special, so I closed out the page and didn't order it. Then I thought I'd regret it if I didn't get one, so I placed an order the next day. Do I regret getting it or did it disappoint me? Absolutely not. This is probably going to sit out on my desk and I'll top every polish I swatch with it before I remove it just to see what it looks like, much like Essie Matte About You did!


  1. I was going to say that this reminds me of a mermaid, but after seeing the collage photo it reminds me of an opal!

  2. Beautiful. I didn't think Muse could get better but you did it!

  3. I like that a lot! Lovely Muse just got pimped!

  4. Beautiful! I would love a ring with that exact stone coloring. Does look opalescent to me also. I was looking on a website and I had the Chanel polishes up and couldn't remember what it was you had shown. This was it! I just wrote it down and I'll have to break down and order my first Chanel. I already have Muse thank God, all I need is the Chanel. Thanks Mary, you always find the perfect things that I want to buy!

  5. I love the layered effect, it really is like natural turquoise!

  6. Jessica~thank you :)


    Skulda~I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I like it too!

    SilhouetteScreams~it is kind of mermaid-like too. Reminds me of a lot of things, actually!

    Rebecca~it is very nice on it's own, but I think this Chanel is going to improve just about everything!

    Helen~yes it did, didn't it! I cannot get your updates on my reader since you changed your address :/

    Lucy~I'm really glad I changed my mind and got it. I just know I'd have regretted it forever if I hadn't :)

    Jackie S.~that was my first thought when I saw it, although I could quite find exactly what I was looking for to compare it to.