Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5 American Apparel Swatches & Some Dupes

I ordered almost all of the American Apparel polishes when they first came out, and today I'm finally swatching some more of them. I didn't return mine when they had the recall, and so far, so good! I did notice a chip in the corner of Mount Royal's bottle, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't explode anytime soon. I also found a dupe to RBL's Chinoise and Color Club's Charity Ball, from their Rebel Debutante Collection.

Above: Factory Grey is a perfect mid-tone gray creme. I used 2 coats on all of these with the exception of Pinto, which was 3 coats. The application was excellent on all of them.
Above: Berry is a burgundy shade that borders on being a deep fuchsia.
Above: Mount Royal shows up a little brighter in my photo than in real life. It's a cadet blue with the slightest 'dusty' look to it.
Above: Pinto, a rust colored creme, required 3 coats. It wasn't quite as opaque as the others, but these polishes seem to dry fairly fast.
Above & Below: Pinto reminded me of Color Club's Charity Ball as soon as I started swatching it. I put one coat of it over Pinto on my ring finger (below), and I couldn't tell the difference.
Below: Downtown LA is the perfect red creme.
Below: I'm wearing RBL's Chinoise on my toes, and Downtown LA immediately reminded me of Chinoise. I didn't think it would be a dead-on dupe, but as you can see, they are extremely close.
Below: I painted 2 coats of the RBL over the American Apparel on my ring finger, and again, I couldn't tell the difference. Both shades are my vision of a perfect pure red creme.
You can search my American Apparel label for some of their other shades I've swatched if you're interested. I still have 4 more to go, so I'd better stay on it! These are very nice polishes, and although a few that I'd swatched previously seemed just a bit on the thick side (nothing that thinner couldn't fix), these five were perfection. Did any of you end up keeping your original polishes before the recall? If so, have you had any problems with the bottles?


  1. hmm- i like mount royal but can't seem to find it in the (only) store here... or they were sold out
    well, need to see them IRL to be sure I want it ^^

  2. I kept the original polishes and have had no problems or issues. I really like the formula on them and wonder if there was any change to that. And I wonder if they will come out with more colors.

  3. I kept all ten of my original bottles and haven't had any problems whatsoever with them.. including packing them in my luggage on two Hawaii-East Coast flights! So I'm not worried about them lol.

  4. I kept mine with no troubles. I love them!

  5. I kept my older bottles too, and have had no problems. Though, I'm always a little extra causious when handling them, just to be safe.

    Also, as I recently discovered, AA Mouse is a near dead-on dupe to Color Club High Society. Downtown LA is identical to an old H&M polish I happen to own as well...

  6. These are such gorgeous polishes. Love them all! They all look nice on you but the Downtown LA and Berry look spectacular!

  7. Hi Mary, I like Pinto the best,and Charity Ball. Beautiful color! I haven't ordered any of the American Apparel polishes before.

  8. I'm SO glad I saw this comparison! You saved me from inadvertently buying a dupe. I was thisclose to ordering RBL Chinoise but I have AA Downtown LA. Thank you for saving me $18! :)

  9. And I STILL haven't ordered any of these, I keep meaning to give them a try - so many great colors I want. I need that gray polish, it's gorgeous. Hey Mary, you're at EXACTLY 1000 followers! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! ♥

  10. I would not have guessed there would be a charity ball dupe. I wonder if they were thinking of pinto the horse, pinto the car or pinto the bean when they named it.

  11. amusedpolish~I had no choice but to order online, as we have no AA stores nearby. So far, I'm pleased with the ones I got 'sight unseen'!

    krisinphilly~I would like to see them come out with a different finish than all cremes, although I must admit, for someone who doesn't love cremes, these are very nice.

    Brandi~I'm glad to hear no one has had any problems. I wasn't too concerned until I saw the one with a chip in the bottle, but I think they'll be fine.

    April~good to know! I just love these, they apply so nicely.

    feline-alizarine~I was really surprised how these were exact dupes. I didn't compare the others, but I'm sure you're right, lots of dupes out there!

    Lucy~I love Downtown LA, such a great red! AA did a great job with these, and like others, I'll be curious and hopeful that they'll continue adding more new colors.

    Velvet~that's an interesting shade, a bit different, but I really like it. You'll have to pick some up!

    nihrida~it really is! I wish I could've captured the true color, because the 'dustiness' is what makes it so special.

    Rebekah~I know it's not an RBL, but it is a dupe of that shade. And honestly, the application is so nice, it really is a great alternative.

    Nicole~you should definitely get some when you get the chance, they have a very nice formula and some unique shades (and some dupes!). Thanks for the congrats, that's unbelievable!

    peripatetic33~yes, that's an uynusual shade to be able to find a dupe of! I thought about what they named it after too, and I have to admit, I never thought of the car! I think it's a bean :)

  12. Those are all quite unique shades *__* especially Factory Grey

  13. Ellie~ is pintO a dusty orange brown red ? Cus omg it looks like BISSU 189 nail polish ( a mexican cosmetics line) That I don't think I can get trught Shipping to USA :( n e way if so I wanna purchase that color'