Sunday, April 25, 2010

4 More (and the last!) American Apparel Swatches

Finally! The last of my American Apparel swatches are finished. We had a busy weekend doing things around the house, so I felt the need to unwind a bit with some painting of the nails. I used 2 coats on all of these, and the only one that I had a bit of a problem with was Dynasty--it was a little on the thick side.

Above: Poppy is an instant favorite for me. Bright, vivid, not too red, not too orange, a hint of coral, and great coverage. I think this would also make a great pedicure color.
Below: Passport Blue is a deep shade of indigo that to me, appears to also have some very dark teal undertones.
Below: Peacock is aptly named. This is a bit of a muted tone, but still plenty pea-cocky!
Below: Dynasty is a medium lilac with plenty of grey mixed in. For some reason, my bottle was pretty separated and it had about 3/8" of grey at the top that took forever to shake it out!
As I mentioned, I used 2 coats on these, but in actuality, I could have gotten away with just one on a number of these shades and others that I've posted previously. The formula on these is wonderful, and even though thinner was needed for a couple of them, that won't deter me from picking up more of these if they come out with some new shades. I would love to see them come out with some other finishes, although they did a fantastic job with a creme finish--and cremes are not my favorites when it comes to the application.


  1. I love Dynasty - too bad the formula is kind of weird. They all look great on you, Mary!!

  2. I've heard, and know from my own swatching, that the dark colours work beautifully. From what I can gather, the lighter the colour, the more problematic the formula (relatively anyway).

    I love the AA lacquers!

  3. Mary, I agree they are all fabulous! But the Passport blue beats all.

  4. The passport blue looks great...and I normally don't like blues!

  5. I think I like Peacock the best!

  6. Peacock is gorgeous. I believe I have shades just like these. They do look lovely on you. Especially Poppy.

  7. Brooke~I'm not giving up on it yet, because I like it too. It's such a 'dusty' lilac, and that's what I like about it.

    Jacie~I started to notice that too! The lighter shades aren't terrible, just a little thicker and less coverage.

    Evil Angel~they did a great job, didn't they? Can't wait to see more )hopefully!).

    jo.frougal~that's a pretty one, for sure! They're all just a little different from other similar shades I have, I can't really describe it.

    SilhouetteScreams~those are 2 of my favorites, although honestly, it's hard to pick favorites. I love them all!

    JPScraps~that's a nice one too! I keep repeating myself, but yes, they're all great :)

    Jackie S.~that's a nice shade...not too bright, but definitely eye-catching.

    Lucy~Poppy had such great coverage too, that made me love it all the more.