Friday, April 30, 2010

Finger Paints Romanticism Ruby

I picked up some Finger Paints at Sally Beauty and I think they're some of the new shades. I didn't see any display, so I asked the sales girl if they had any new Finger Paints. She waved over at the main display and said they were just mixed in there. She was wearing a tag with a Finger Paints bottle on it that read "40 New Shades", so hopefully, the ones I bought were new!

Above & Below: Romanticism Ruby is a beautiful glass-flecked red that applied nicely in 2 coats. I didn't use a top coat, and my only complaint is that it doesn't have a terribly high gloss finish when it's dry. Don't get me wrong, because it is glossy, just not as glossy as many other polishes. So I'll add a top coat and the problem will be solved. The glitter is red, but when the light hits it, there is a definite gold shimmer to it.
Below: Because I can't seem to stop layering Hidden Treasure over everything...I really need to put HT away, or I'll soon have none left!

Below: Here are the Finger Paints I picked up L-R: Hue Rang?, Tough Art To Follow, Easel-Y Entertained, Romanticism Ruby, Hue Left A Message?, Sketch N Etch. I swatched Hue Left A Message? on my thumb to see what it was like and it's a major glitter that I fear is going to be a pain to take off!
I love Romanticism Ruby--it reminds me of OPI's Smitten With Mittens, Barielle's Glammed Out Garnet, and it even seems to be a bit Essie Ruby Slipper-esque. The formula is very nice and it had great coverage with no streaking. As I mentioned above, the finish is not a super high gloss as many other polishes are, but that's not a big deal, I just wanted to mention it. These are on sale at Sally Beauty right now for buy 2 get one free, and they are also available on their web site.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sally Hansen Pomegranate

Sally Hansen Pomegranate is another color from the collection that includes Hidden Treasure. I didn't even pay attention to the display--does it have a name? Spring/Summer 2010?

Above & Below: Always a fan of coral shades, I felt the need to pick this one up! It's a shimmer that flashes a bit of pink in brighter lighting, and I can't really say that it's an orange coral or a red coral. It seems to encompass both of those colors along with a little pink.
Below: I accessorized it with a coat of Hidden Treasure to give it a nice coppery orange overlay of glitter.

I used 2 coats on this and the formula was very nice. This is such a pretty shade of coral, and the shimmer adds a nice touch, especially when it flashes the lighter pink tones. I've got one more from this collection to show you, and that's a light taupe creme called Iced Coffee. Has anyone been able to find Hidden Treasure yet? I saw 3 displays today while I was out, and all of the HT's were already gone!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Do You Need Hidden Treasure?

Because it will make everything better! You can go from this...
To this...

Sally Hansen Sea and Be Seen, Dive Deeper, Hidden Treasure

Here are some of the blue shades from Sally Hansen's latest collection, Sea and Be Seen and Dive Deeper. I used 2 coats on both of these, and then topped them with Hidden Treasure.

Above & Below: Sea and Be Seen is a brighter periwinkle blue shade with tiny glass-flecked multi colored shimmer. When topped with Hidden Treasure, the finish turns into a lovely coppery-pink with the blue peeking out.
Below: Dive Deeper is a pale icy blue, again with small glass-flecked multi colored shimmer. The Hidden Treasure adds a subtle bit of color, reminding me of a bird egg with the colored speckles.

These shades applied very well, much like the previous ones I've posted. Great formula and well-made brushes with no straggler hairs, for lack of better terminology! The finish is so pretty with the near glass-flecked glitter or shimmer, and although they're sheer at first, they build up nicely.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sally Hansen Ring My Shell & Hidden Treasure

Ring My Shell, another polish from Sally Hansen's latest collection, is a very light lavender shimmer that has more going on in the finish than I was able to capture with a camera. It has a slight metallic and frost look to it, tiny multi colored glitter, and a flash of pale green iridescent shimmer in brighter lighting.

Above & Below: In darker lighting it appears as a silvery lavender shade, while brighter lighting brings out the golden-green iridescent shimmer.
Below: Macro shot of the finish.
Below: I layered a coat of the magical Hidden Treasure over it, and when I did this over Silver Lining in my previous post, the flaky glitter was a coppery-pink. Over Ring My Shell, the glitter is mainly aqua. Hidden Treasure is proving itself to be one of the more visually entertaining polishes I've ever had!

Below: Now the glitter is turning green!

Above & Below: What IS that in there? Just look at all of those beautiful colors and the glowing embers in this polish!
I want to go back to Walgreens and have another look at the display of this collection. I thought I picked out all of the ones I wanted, but after using a couple of them, I may need to get a few more. The formula on these is perfect, and sometimes it's hard to judge the finish type just from looking at the bottle. There was a bright turquoise one that seemed to have a foil-like finish that I passed on, and a nice looking yellow with micro glitter--damn you, Sally!

Sally Hansen Silver Lining & Hidden Treasure

I think I'll top all of my newest Sally Hansen's with Hidden Treasure after I swatch them, just to give you a better idea of the subtle beauty of it over lighter polishes. I'm also working on a color wheel using it over nothing but darker shades of various polishes. First up: Silver Lining.

Above & Below: Silver Lining is shown using 2 coats in direct sunlight above, and with an Ott lamp below. This polish has an ever so slight pale aqua cast, but is primarily a sparkly silver that has a high concentration of micro glitter that is similar to glass-flecked glitter. The glitter is silver for the most part, but I also see aqua in there. I didn't think I needed another silver, but I'm glad I picked this one up. It reminds me of a toned down version of Sephora by OPI Just a Fairy-Tail.

Below: Macro shot of Silver Lining's finish.
Below: The initial allure of Hidden Treasure is the strong rainbow powered flaky look that it takes on over a darker shade. It may not be as eye-catching over a lighter shade, but the understated look it gives over Silver Lining with the aura of colors, is beautiful.
Below: A coppery-pink flaky glitter is the most evident over this shade, but it also brings out the aqua glitter in Silver Lining.
The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line just keeps getting better and better with the shades and finishes they're introducing. The formula on these two shades was just the right consistency, and the brushes were both cut evenly, which was not always the case on some of the others from this line that I have. Hidden Treasure is going to be like a matte top coat or Chanel Illusion D'Or--I'm going to leave it right here on my desk and put it over everything, just to see what kind of look it will transform every other polish into!

Sally Hansen: I Found The New Ones!

I walked into Walgreens this morning not even thinking about nail polish, and there they were! Right on the end cap when you walk in the store, so I took that as a sign that I should pick some of them up. My town is always the last to get anything--well, maybe not the last, but close to it--so I silenced a scream and made my selections. They were buy one get one half off, so that was also a nice surprise. I picked up an extra Hidden Treasure for a friend of mine, so she was pretty happy about that. Now if I can only find some time to swatch them!
L-R: Silver Lining, Ring My Shell, Dive Deeper, Hidden Tresures, Iced Coffee, Sea and be Seen, Pomegranate.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

4 More (and the last!) American Apparel Swatches

Finally! The last of my American Apparel swatches are finished. We had a busy weekend doing things around the house, so I felt the need to unwind a bit with some painting of the nails. I used 2 coats on all of these, and the only one that I had a bit of a problem with was Dynasty--it was a little on the thick side.

Above: Poppy is an instant favorite for me. Bright, vivid, not too red, not too orange, a hint of coral, and great coverage. I think this would also make a great pedicure color.
Below: Passport Blue is a deep shade of indigo that to me, appears to also have some very dark teal undertones.
Below: Peacock is aptly named. This is a bit of a muted tone, but still plenty pea-cocky!
Below: Dynasty is a medium lilac with plenty of grey mixed in. For some reason, my bottle was pretty separated and it had about 3/8" of grey at the top that took forever to shake it out!
As I mentioned, I used 2 coats on these, but in actuality, I could have gotten away with just one on a number of these shades and others that I've posted previously. The formula on these is wonderful, and even though thinner was needed for a couple of them, that won't deter me from picking up more of these if they come out with some new shades. I would love to see them come out with some other finishes, although they did a fantastic job with a creme finish--and cremes are not my favorites when it comes to the application.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

NK Royal Blue Frost

NK (by Nicka K) Royal Blue Frost is definitely not a frost finish, and if I were to see this on their web site, I would likely pass on it. This was a gift from the lovely Lynn, and I think it's gorgeous! The name 'frost' and the color sample on the NK web site do not do this shade justice.

Above & Below: I used 2 coats and had no application issues. The top photo is with an Ott lamp, while the bottom photo is shown with a flash.
Royal Blue Frost is a deep royal blue with glass-flecked glitter. This is such a stunning finish--like crushed sapphires in a pool of liquid cobalt. The glitter is a shade or two lighter than the base and it twinkles and glows with every move of my hands. I'm going to keep my eye out for this brand when I go in some of the smaller independent beauty supply stores, because if they've got any more like this one, I want them!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal

Perhaps the most perfect teal ever, and just one coat!

Below: Even topped with Pure Ice Don't You Wish, it's still beuatiful.