Thursday, March 4, 2010

Zoya Summer 2010: Flash & Sparkle

Here's some information that I received from Zoya this morning on their Summer 2010 Collection called Flash & Sparkle. These will be available in April, and I don't know about you, but I'm definitely looking forward to it!

New Summer 2010 nail color from Zoya
because you're a star...Flash & Sparkle
Zoya Nail Polish presents 6 new cremes and 6 new metallics for Summer 2010.
Zoya Sparkle Collection:
Ivanka - Mermaid Green Sparkling Metallic
Charla - Sparkling Blue Tropical Metallic
Mimi - Royal Blue Sparkling Metallic
Alegra - Fuchsia Pink Sparkling Metallic
Nidhi - Rich Red Sparkling Metallic
Gilda - Fashion Pink Sparkling Metallic
Zoya Flash Collection:
Robyn - Perfect Turquoise Creme
Perrie - Soft Lavender Creme
Dana - American Rose Creme
Jolene - Summer Pink Creme
Maura - Electric Crimson Creme
Jancyn - Soft Tangerine Creme


  1. I like that Zoya kind of breaks their collections into 2 parts a lot of the time. I'm looking forward to these metallics =)

  2. I love the sparkly shades :) Alegra, Gilda, Mimi and Charla need to come home to me!

  3. Zoya has never gotten my interest, I've never even tried them, but all of these look really cool. I'm hoping they metallics don't show brush strokes, cause then I'm going to get them all!

  4. I wish the cremes where the same colours as the sparkles. Oh well.

  5. Nice collection. I like both of them. Those glitters are really calling my name.

  6. I want all the glitters, but of course I'll wait till they send them to you for swatching before I'll make up my mind about the cremes. I had a nice little Zoya collection at one time, and they were my favorites.

  7. Collette~I do too, although I still usually end up buying them both!

    Phyrra~aren't those pretty? I can't wait!

    Get Nailed~I've never had a problem with brush strokes on their other metallics, so hopefully these will follow suit.

    Skulda~that would've been beautiful! Can't wait to see all of them, but especially the glitters.

    Lucy~you and me both! I'm pretty excited about these.

    Bev~I've been very impressed with Zoya polishes. I never know if I'm getting polishes for review until they send them and I absolutely hate asking! But one way or another, I'm getting them!