Monday, March 15, 2010

YSL Blue Moon & 10% Coupon Code Reminder

Above & Below: YSL Blue Moon is a favorite of mine for several reasons. I love anything lunar, so the name was the first thing that appealed to me! Although sheer, it is a quiet duo chrome, gently changing from gold to pink to a very pale aqua in different lighting.
Above & Below: In some lighting, the nail tips seem to stay a pale aqua, while the bed of the nail is pink. It reminds me a bit of some of the mood-changing polishes on the market.
Below: I placed a coat of OPI's Mad as a Hatter over the YSL and it gives it a subtle, iridescent look.
Last month I placed my first order at, and I noticed they had Yves Saint Laurent nail lacquers for $11.99. I ordered 2 shades along with some other items, and I was very pleased with their customer service, shipping, and the products themselves. Their inventory changes frequently and while I was searching through their site last night, I noticed they had quite a few more YSL polishes than the last time I'd checked, including one of my favorites, Blue Moon (Bleu Lune). Sadly, I paid $20.00 for mine at the counter, but now I know better! They were kind enough to offer some items for my Friday Follower Freebie Contest, along with a coupon code for my readers for 10% off any order (US & Canada only for shipping purposes). I wanted to remind you that this code expires today, so if you'd like to stock up on some higher end polishes or cosmetics at a great price, enter BodySoul10 to receive your discount.


  1. Mary are you trying to make me a sheer lover? This is gorgeous on you. What a beautiful shade. Makes your nails look like the inside of a shell. Very pretty. Darn, I can't go to Besides being way to tempting, my Visa Debit card is cancelled because it's screwy! I should have know that the 3 digit security number would cause me problems. It was 911. I read online that people say it's a bad luck number and they had problems with it. Well I did. Most times I couldn't get my card accepted online. I had a nice MAC order and couldn't get approval. I hope none of the Liberty collection sells out. I've been waiting for that one. I haven't bought any MAC for almost a year. Darn. Now I have to wait for my new card.

  2. wow, I love this shade on you. though I don't like sheer polishes myself I love to layer those over a black base to make 'em look different and some even turned purple :D

  3. That looks like a gorgeous layering shade!

  4. Wow, that is a stunning color!

  5. Lucy~I am not a sheer lover myself, but every once in a while, I find one like this and in a way, the sheerness adds to the look. I hope you get your card straightened out! I did get a few things from the Liberty collection. How could I resist?!!

    amusedpolish~this is such a pretty shade the way it so subtley changes color. I love it as a layering shade too. It's not as dramatic in changing color over black, but still very pretty.

    Emelie~glad you like it! I love YSL bottles too, very different.

    SilhouetteScreams~it is nice as a layering polish also, although I personally prefer it alone :)

    gildedangel~thank you! I love this one.

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