Friday, March 19, 2010

Wet n Wild Sparkling Diamonds~Another Great Layering Polish

Above & Below: Wet n Wild Rock Solid Sparkling Diamonds is another inexpensive, yet fantastic layering polish. It's shown here over BB Couture Animal Instinct, which is a dark brown creme.
Below: This photo was taken with no flash, and you can see how dense and even the sparkle/glitter coverage is.
Below: Here's the WnW over BB Couture Cranberry Crush. It's not quite as dramatic over a lighter color, but still adds a nice touch.
Here's another inexpensive layering polish, this one from Wet n Wild's Rock Solid line. In the bottle, this shade is a pale gold that's filled with tiny holographic glitter. What I thought was interesting about this one is how in darker lighting, rather than brighter lighting, the amount of glitter over the nail seems to increase. Another thing I like about it, is because it's holographic, it shifts in the light giving it a somewhat gradient/fade effect. It appears to fade down the length of the nail, but as your hands move around, so does the gradient. It looks as if there's more glitter at the base of the nail, but it's actually evenly distributed. Not bad for less than $2.00!


  1. This is really pretty!! I love cheap glittery topcoats - and I'm a huge Wet n'Wild fan - I'll have to try this one!

  2. Wow! That really looks like you dipped your nails into diamond dust. Beautiful and sparkly. That's going on my list for sure. Your nails look beautiful in both shades. I think in bright sunlight you would be blinded.

  3. I love it, it has great sparkle ! I was happy to find it in a near shop :)

  4. i was totally miffed at myself for walking past these gorgeous polish's numerous times..... thank gosh i picked one up before they became HTF - another awesome layering post for us!

  5. I love these kinds of topcoats...when you need to extend a manicure but want something a little different, you can add something like this and viola'! a new look and off you go!

  6. I lovee it! It is so pretty and sparkly :D

  7. i agree, it is fantastic! i LOVE me some glitter!

  8. Those fingers will really stand out.. Very cool

  9. I have this polish, found it randomly on clearance one day in the grocery store and grabbed it up. I love it for layering also.

  10. Hey Mary! I haven't commented in awhile but I finally have the time to. I'm still reading your blog everyday though! Anyways, gorgeous polish for a top coat! I like sparkly things :D

  11. Wow, they werent kidding. It really does look like diamonds *__*

  12. Brooke~WnW makes some great polishes and they're so inexpensive! Hope you can find one of these.

    Lucy~it kind of reminded me of sugar, for some reason!

    Ayuu~I'm glad you were able to find one too!

    Deez~you got one too, yay! It really is quite an interesting polish :)

    Elizabeth~I agree, a great way to extend or change a look.

    Tierney~glad you like it! I love how it shifts in the lighting.

    Bella Sugar Cosmetics~I find that using them over other polishes makes for easier glitter removal, which is always nice!

    Leviev~thank you! They are definitely sparkly :)

    adorepink~I'm glad I found it a while back. It sounds like it's getting harder to find.

    Nail Fanatic~Hello! I know, I read your and many others daily, it's just hard to comment on so many! Glad all is well with you :)

    SilhouetteScreams~it's a twinkling beauty of a polish, agreed!

    gildedangel~glad you like it!