Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Older OPI's: Loyalty Islands Lilac, Van-Couvered in the Snow, Alpine Snow

I've never kept track of exactly how many black label OPI's I have, but I do know that when I come across one while out shopping, my heart usually skips a beat! My hair salon recently moved into a new building, and one of the girls there, knowing my affinity (sick obsession may be more accurate!) for nail polish, mentioned that there was a box of OPI's they weren't going to be using anymore in their new set up. I went through the box and came away with 12 black labels just for the taking, none of which I had in my collection.

Above: Loyalty Islands Lilac is from the 1997 South Seas Collection. It's a very light grey shimmer with beautiful, ultra-fine glitter. I used three coats trying to find some lilac color, but all I'm seeing is a light silvery grey, which I love.
Below: Van-Couvered in the Snow, from the Fall 2004 Canadian Collection, is a frosty white shimmer that has a bit of pearlescent luster to it.
Below: Alpine Snow is a white creme that although a bit on the thick side, covered nicely in 2 coats. This was originally from the 2004 Tuxedo Collection (I think--someone enlighten me to be sure!) and re-released in the 2009 Matte Collection.
Below: Not too many things make me as happy as finding black label OPI's! Or any older polish, for that matter.
How many of you 'collect' polish in addition to just enjoying it as a cosmetic item? I do, and when I find some of the older polishes--not that these are extremely hard to find, but I didn't have them, so that made them more appealing to me--it's always fun and exciting. There are a lot of things one can collect, and I really enjoy hunting down polishes and filling in some missing spaces in collections. You can not only display them, but use them in a practical manner as well. Some of my best finds have cost little to nothing (as in this case). I guess it's the thrill of the chase kind of thing, researching, knowing what to look for, coming up empty handed more times than not. But when you find something, it makes it all worth it, at least to me! I'll be posting the other shades I picked up on this expedition over the next week. I don't think I found anything that's all that newsworthy, but they're still nice additions to the family.


  1. woo great score! awesome post mary!

  2. I do collect them and I'm really happy when I find something long gone and discontinued! I'm waiting for Ruby Red Slippers and OPI Affair in times square in the mail which are both HTF!

  3. Great find!! Loyalty Islands lilac is a gorgeous color although I didnt see any lilac in it. :~)

  4. OMG I love love love Loyalty Islands Lilac! It's so beautiful! I hope I come across it some day...

  5. I collect as well and finding an old Dc'd color is a happy day!

  6. I guess you could say I collect! I found an old black label OPI in my stash the other day I've never heard of and didn't know I had...Flint Island Flicker. WTF?

  7. I definitely collect. I actually have Loyalty Islands Lilac from my pre-blog days. :)

  8. Pretty! I bought Loyalty Islands Lilac a few months back and it looks completely different from yours.Odd.

  9. Good score! I too love old OPI's. Fell in love with OPI initially for the wide brush but then I received an old formula one and decided that I love the old formula ones even more despite the smaller brush!

  10. I really like the first one. I wish I could go out and find these things. I'm excited buying the polish from VNS. I get really excited when I get an old bottle of China Glaze. I haven't bought too many of the retired OPI's. I will be looking at them soon. The bad and good part is that I do love collecting the polishes. I'll never wear them all let alone finishing a bottle. I still think it's a hobby that not too expensive. I just keep running out of space!

  11. I dont collect nail polish (though I have a few!) though I do seem to be collection NYX lipsticks and random lipglosses lately :|

    Loyalty Islands Lilac is my favourite, and I cant get over how bright and opaque Alpine Snow is

  12. Loyalty Islands Lilac is beeeyoootiful.

    Curious - I have 2 x green label Alpine Snows. Not the matte versions, the normal ones. It's still readily available over here. Curious.

  13. Kellie~thank you! I tried to act calm when she said she had a box I could go through, but inside I was so excited!

    Katie~it's fun to collect them and even more fun when you find something you've been looking for at a reasonable price.

    Twister~I didn't see the lilac either. I google searched looking for other pictures, and they all look like mine. So where's the lilac?!!

    Nessa~even though it lacks lilac, I still love it :)

    NY*NAIL*DIVA~it's definitely a bright white! And non-streaky, which is always a plus.

    Evil Angel~such an good feeling to find the DC's ones, for sure!

    Stephanie~I've not heard of that one, I'd be curious to see it! I love finding old ones in my stash I forgot about.

    krisprimps~collecting is the fun part! Of course wearing them and enjoying the pretty colors is nice too :)

    Pinkginger~interesting. What does yours look like? More lilac?

    Millie~I love the old formula and brushes too. The new ones are good, but I prefer the old ones for the formula and brush.

    Lucy~I swatch all of mine, but as far as actually wearing them again, that doesn't happen as often as I'd like!

    Angie~I do too, it's got the prettiest sparkle in it.

    SilhouetteScreams~I have lots of glosses...and eye shadows, and blushes! But I guess I don't collect them like I do polishes. It's all fun though :)

    Helen~glad you like it! Some of the original black labels are still manufactured, I believe. Now they've got the new formula though, hence the green labels. Although I'm no expert, but I *think* that's the case.

  14. I cherish all of my OPI Black Labels. I have one that lost it's label, but was an 'island' collection from the 90's...there were a couple that has island themes. It's a sheer but builds up fast in 2 coats to just what you want it to look like - 3 if you want total opaque...light lilac, duochrome of blue & pink. I wonder if I ever will figure out what the name was??? It's not Loyalty Island as it certainly was not grey but that's what I thought for a time it was called, as recall having had that shade.

  15. Gorgeous! Alpine Snow is originally from the very first release OPI did to the public, from my research, but it keeps getting re-released, so it's hard to say what collection yours came from. :) I'm envious of your Van-couvered in Snow! I'm slowly collecting the Canadian collection, bit by bit, and that one is like hens' teeth. Treasure it. :)