Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some More OPI Black Labels

Here are the "reds" from my OPI black label finds--nothing terribly spectacular, but still nice to have. I posted the whites/silvers yesterday, and have some burgundy and copper shades yet to swatch.
Below: MMMM...Vould You Like A Lick-tenstein?, from the Fall 2002 European collection. This is a beautiful brick red with gold micro fine shimmer.

Below: Chick Flick Cherry is a perfect cool-toned deep cherry red creme and one I've always wanted. This is from the Hollywood Fall of 1999 collection.
Below: SoHo Nice to Meet You is probably my least favorite of these 3. It's a red shimmer with a hint of pink and nothing special, in my opinion. This shade is from the Fall 2000 Collection, New York City.
I'm still enjoying swatching my recent black labels that my hair salon so graciously gave me! I'm finding that the bottle necks are a little crusty (note the glob that fell onto my index finger near the cuticle on Chick Flick Cherry!), but I'm cleaning them all up after I swatch them. I have a few that need to be run under hot water because I can't get them opened, but I'm not complaining one bit!


  1. The first one is gorgeous! *-*

  2. Chick Flick Cherry is very pretty!

  3. Those look great! What does black label mean? Is that the colour OPI used to make their labels?

  4. Those are great finds! I love the last one.

  5. What do you mean by "black labels" ? Do you mean "just part of their regular line"?

  6. I love these three. Reds are always so pretty. I really like Chick Flick Cherry. That's gorgeous and so are the other. They look gorgeous on you.

  7. Oldies but goodies! I'm not a fan of SoHo Nice to Meet You but Chick Flick Cherry is perfect. :)

  8. I have a bottle of Chick Flick Cherry and it's definitely one of my favorite reds. I love these colors on you. :)

  9. Aru~thank you. I love the subtle gold shimmer in this one.

    NY*NAIL*DIVA~I've wanted this one for a long time, I've always thought it to be the perfect red creme.

    Skulda~the labels on the bottom of the bottle--the ones printed in black are older and use the old formula (with all of the chemicals!) and the thinner brush. The newer ones are printed in green.

    chocaddict~glad you like them! The last one is just a bit too pink for me, but I love the shimmer.

    Jackie S.~their older polishes, many of which are now discontinued, are printed in black, whereas the newer ones are printed in green. The black labels are not Big 3 free so it's a bit different formula, and the brush is thinner, not the Pro Wide.

    Lucy~thank you :) Chick Flick Cherry is perfect. I'm glad I can finally say I have it!

    jellynat~I'm in agrement with you on SoHo. Nothing special, but I love the other two.

    Olivia C.~how are you? Glad you like these and yes, Chick Flick Cherry is easy to love :)

  10. Omg! I bought chick flick cherry in a sale bin at a nail supply store last night, I can't believe it came out in 1999! As for SoHo nice to meet you, I got that on sale last summer aswell. It just makes me laugh to think these polishes were released when I was like.. 9!