Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some BB Coutures From The Untried Stash!

Above & Below: Zuma Wave Rider is a beautiful lighter blue creme, while Candy Lace is a delicate pink shade that effortlessly combines a frost, metallic and shimmer finish into a subtle, lady-like look. All polishes are shown using 2 coats and the photos were taken with an Ott light.
Below: Cranberry Crush is a red shimmer with the slightest hint of a metallic finish. I confess that I bought this one for the name because the area I live in was once filled with Cranberry bogs!
Below: Animal Instinct is a deep, rich chocolate brown creme. This reminds me of what dark chocolate chips look like when you melt them.
These BB Couture shades are the last of my untried's from this line, unless I count the other 5 shades I still need to swatch from the newly released Ladybug collection. I've only had those for a week though, so that doesn't count, right? As always in my experience with BB Couture, these applied beautifully in 2 coats and dried quickly to a high gloss shine. I was rather impressed with the application of Zuma Wave Rider inparticular, because pastel cremes are usually streaky and take a little work on my part to look nice. Not so with the big Z--no streaks, even flow of the polish, neat and clean look after 2 coats. If you've never tried this line, I think Kim from Overall Beauty has a few marked down on her site right now for just $4.50.


  1. I love Zuma! It reminds me of Orly's Snocone from the Sweets collection

  2. Love Zuma and Animal Instinct. Love Kim's customer service too!
    Interesting concept that untrieds don't count until you've had them - for HOW long though? I hate building up untrieds. So why do I do it? Gr.

  3. Zuma is beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest of the Ladybug collection

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  5. I absolutely love Zuma Wave Rider! I've been wanting this color way too long...I need to break down and place an order with Kim for this one and some of BB's newer spring colors. Ladybug collection was love at first sight!

  6. Zuma Waverunner is awesome.
    Note: I LOVE polish that reminds me of chocolate. *thumbs up*

  7. Zuma and Animal Instinct are great colors!

  8. As always you make BB Couture look good! I love your nails by the way, not fair..

  9. I loved the blue one!! I'm in love with pastel polishes!! But all of them are very beautiful!

  10. These are gorgeous! Haha, I always feel the pressure to swatch up my "new" collections as soon as I can, and I feel bad if I don't get them done. Isn't it crazy? The two new collections look SO pretty! I can't wait to see them on you.

  11. I love Zuma wave Rider. Absolutely gorgeous color.

  12. Oh man, Zuma Wave Rider and Cranberry Crush <3333

  13. I have Zuma Wave Rider and Cranberry Crush. They all look gorgeous on you. I have a million others of this line. Great polish and the best greens money can buy! Plus as others have said Kim is fantastic with customer service. She also a big sweetheart!

  14. Bella Sugar Cosmetics~I love it too! And I agree, it does look quite a bit like the Orly. Not a creme fan due to my own lack of application skills with them, but this was fantastic :)

    jaljen~glad you like them! I have way too many untried's! It doesn't help that I keep acquiring more, that's for sure.

    Jessica~isn't it pretty? I just loved this one. I need to get back on the Ladybug collection :)

    Polishjunkie~I kept forgetting to order Zuma too, but I'm glad I finally bought it and used it.

    Skulda~eberything related to chocolate is appealing to me! It's a great brown though, not too much red in it.

    Evil Angel~I don't think I've found a BB Couture yet that I didn't like. I'm especially impressed with Zuma though, great formula for a creme pastel shade.

    Kim~aww, thank you! It's not too hard to make them look good, they do most of the work!

    carlajoingraham~thanks you, glad you like them!

    Cah_nossovicio~I am not a fan of pastel cremes (stares at the entire China Glaze Up & Away collection because I'm afraid to try them!), but the application on this was perfection. And only 2 coats!

    Nicole~I've gotten so behind...I always swatched the new ones right away, and tried to do them as a series, but it's out of control now :(

    Twister~I love it too, just wonderful for a creme in a light shade.

    Angie~I think everyone love this one!

    Crystaliciousss~thank you. I love their formula, not to mention the great colors they come out with.

    SilhouetteScreams~of course we all love Zuma! Cranberry Crush is very nice too though, sort of 'glowy'.

    Lucy~I know you're a big fan of BB Couture and Kim. Great product, great person :)