Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random Act of Kindness Package!

Above & Below: The goodies I received from a very kind reader of my blog. She even took the time to write notes about each item she sent. And how pretty is the note card she used? I love paper products and the lace filigree along the bottom is just beautiful. I'm so excited about the polishes she sent, because the brands below are all 'new to me', other than GOSH, which I only have a few of and love. I've been dying to get a Brucci polish, so thanks to Lynn for fulfilling my wish!
Below: I was just as excited about the cute little bag as I was the polish! This is Anna Sui 380, and my gift-giver recommends layering the red Desi over it, which I'll be trying later today. I treasure the few Anna Sui's I have, so this one will go on the lighted pedestal with the others!
Below: I love a good Franken polish, and these are some of her own creations. The names are so cute and the polishes themselves look wonderful.
The other day I posted a Chelly polish over Maybelline Goody Plum Drop and mentioned how a very kind soul had sent me a box of goodies 'just because'. I now have lots of 'new to me' polishes that I can't wait to try out! I am still amazed at the kindness of fellow nail polish must be the acetone that we're exposed to or something...perhaps it enhances our kindness! I'll be trying some of these out later today and because she was nice enough to include notes about everything and her recommendations about different ways to use some of them, the first look I'll be trying is the Anna Sui layered with the clearish red Desi polish pictured above.

Have you been the recipient of a random act of kindness? Or have you provided someone with one? I'd love to hear your stories because kindness is something we don't hear enough about outside of our polish habit.


  1. How kind! And what an amazing nail polish collection :)

  2. Love ROAK! I haven't really been the giver or receiver in the nail blog world, other than to pack a bunch of unexpected good stuff into an order an overseas friend wanted.
    But I practice this just about everyday. Whether it's paying the toll for the car behind me (used to do that when I lived in the bay area) to helping an older person unload or load their groceries to just giving someone my smile and seeing them smile back. Brightening someone's day always makes mine a little lighter.
    This is a great package and the thought that Lynn put into it shows she knows how to do an ROAK right!

  3. That is lovely...
    And what great colors!


  4. What a sweet little package! I know I am in the process of my first nail polish swap! Brooke from GET YOUR NAILS DID is swapping me a polish that I've wanted for a long time! I can't wait to pick stuff out for her in return. :D

  5. That looks like a lovely package! I haven't really been a giver or a receiver in the nail blog world either, but I just started so who knows what will happen in the future ^^

  6. Lynn is such a generous and thoughtful woman! I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and receiving a lovely package from her as well, and the frankens she included were gorgeous... she has serious frankening talent! "This Lacquer Loves You!" looks incredible!

  7. Wow, what a nice collection of polishes!
    I was almost the recipient of a raok but after she asked for my address and told me she would send it, it never arrived:(

  8. Wow, what awesome stuff! I do have some acts of blogger kindness! 2 bloggers have offered to send my samples of products I want to try. Another let me send her some money through paypal for a product not available in the US, and she actually went out and got it for me before I had even sent her the money. I sent a blogger some Fyrinnae products for her birthday. And of course, from you, since I won a Friday follower freebie! Going to review the great things I won soon ^_^

  9. I love to read these stories. It's so nice to read about them and know that they go on. I was a recipient of a nice gift certificate from you, Brooke, Kitty, Helen and Velvet when my Uncle Nazerence passes away last year. I was so touched and suprised that I was really overcome with emotion. My acts of kindness are giving beauty products to a group of women who can't affored these things. My girlfriend works are at a library with lots of wonderful people. They sponsor a group of underprivelaged women and children. They collect products at different times of the year. They're collecting for gift baskets that children can give to their Mothers.

  10. I've done a RAOK with another nail polish lover before. She sent me neat stuff to try out (OPI DS line) and I sent her some CG that she wanted and other polishes that I got when I was visiting my family in the Philippines. I thought international polish would be interesting in terms of smell, formula and color and she loves them!

  11. This is such a sweet thing to do ^_^

    Cant wait to see the Desi/Anna Sui combo!

  12. Helena~I was really impressed and happy with the variance of what she shent. Each time I opened one, I was so excited! Like a little kid on Christmas morning.

    Elizabeth~she sure did it right! It always makes me happy to do as you say, the little things for people. Most of the time they really appreciate it and it always makes me feel better, so everyone wins.

    Thess~thanks you! She did an awesome job with her selections!

    Skulda~Brooke is great! You'll enjoy both the giving and receiving :)

    Beauty Vibes~it'll probably happen then! There are such amazing people in this nail community, it's very nice to be a part of it.

    gildedangel~isn't it though? It really made me happy.

    keerthi~you're very lucky to have met her! I'm impressed with her frankening skills too...she needs to start mass producing them!

    Millie~aw, that kind of takes the fun out of it. I'm sorry that haappened to you :(

    Heather~lots of nice things for you! It's a great community, isn't it? Looking forward to your reviews!

    Lucy~that's so sweet that they make up gift baskets for the kids to give the Moms. The kindness we see like this definitely helps to overshadow all the bad and ugly things happening out there in the world.

    Kathy~it's always fun to do International swaps or roaks, then the recipients have a chance to get something they otherwise wouldn't be able to.

    SilhouetteScreams~I know, I was just totally amazed with her thoughtfulness.