Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NARS Bohemia

Above & Below: Lots of pictures! NARS Bohemia is shown in various lighting--with a flash, without a flash, indoors, outdoors--it looks slightly different in each photo. If I had to narrow down this shade to just a couple of descriptive words, I'd have to go with 'peachy-pink-salmon'. Whatever you want to call it, I think it's beautiful and unique.
Hmm, I just realized that I only have one NARS polish. How can that be? I really thought I had a few more, but I'll take care of that when they re-release Zulu this coming Fall. If I only have one, at least it's a good one in my opinion. Bohemia is a duo chrome that doesn't get overly dramatic with flashes of changing color, but rather, shifts subtly from salmon, to gold, to copper, to muted greens, pinks and even some greys. It's an interesting array of shades in this polish, and the finish also can take on different looks. In some light it looks shimmery, while in other lighting it takes on a more chrome look. NARS describes it as a pink & green chrome, but there is much more to it than that. I love the packaging--a square bottle that feels substantial when you hold it. Who among us has not bought something for the packaging alone? It's always a bonus when there's a great product inside of that package. The handle/cap is rubber, making it easy to hold, and although the stem is quite short, it doesn't hinder the application process. I used 2 coats and touched up any lighter areas on the tips after the first coat. NARS lists this as unavailable on their web site, but it can still be found with a little Google Searching.


  1. Where have I been? I didn't realize Zulu was definitely scheduled for re-release. Woo!

    Nars Bohemia is so lovely on you! I have a bottle in my untrieds and it's my only Nars polish. It's so funny to me that we both have only one and the same one at that! :)

  2. Very lovely duochrome! I know what you mean with the packaging, sometimes an ugly packaging completely throws me off, while the color could be very pretty! I'm a sucker for square bottles :-)

  3. Ok, I am not on the Zulu bandwagon, though I do love me some greens...but THIS? THIS??? I gotta have.

  4. Wow, that is an eye-catching color! And I have no Nars at all!

  5. This is pretty! I don't know if I'd spring for it, but I think I'm going to HAVE to cave and get Purple Rain. And of course, a couple of bottles of Zulu when it's re-released. I caught that on twitter the other day, boy was I happy!

  6. Ahhh that's so pretty :) I love that in each photo it looks completely different, it must be fascinating to actually wear.

  7. This colour is gorgeous.And Zulu is being re-released? Woohooo!

  8. This looks really pretty on you! I've been stalking this color on Sephora's site for, well forever - lol. They're out of stock too. This is on my must have list for Spring, I'll be patient. Thanks for the info on Zulu. Been kicking myself since I missed out on it. Another reason to look forward to Fall!

  9. wait, did i misread your post? zulu is coming back? alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i just bought myself a bottle of purple rain (thae last bottle at macy's) making it my first nars polish, but it wont be my last.

  10. Zulu is really being re-released? I had no idea! I hope I can get a bottle this time. I really hope that people don't hoarde it to sell on ebay. I'm afraid that will happen. I like that shade on you. Very pretty colors in it. The only Nars polish I own is Orgasm. I haven't worn it yet. Purple Rain is calling my name.

  11. gildedangel~isn't it just lovely? I was really happy with the way it turned out, even though it's a more subtle duo chrome. Still very pretty.

    Diana~yes, Fall 2010 is the re-release. We'd best move quickly on that one! We seem to have very similar taste in a lot of things :)

    Michele~sadly, not all of the contents are as great as the packaging on a lot of products. But they're still nice to look at!

    Elizabeth~this is a beautiful shade and yes, I think you do need it! I think Zulu is almost more of a novelty item to have for some people, there are other very similar shades. It has such a cult following!

    d'Olivia~I could have sworn I had a few others, but if I do, they're hiding somewhere. I'm certainly glad I have this one readily at hand though :)

    Nicole~I have come close to getting Purple Rain, but I have an awful lot of similar purples, so I think I'm safe!

    SilhouetteScreams~I kept walking around into different lighting because it kept changing. It was worth the price for the entertainment value alone!

    Pinkginger~glad you like it! Yes, Zulu is finally returning :)

    Anonymous~I got mine from another blogger when she was having a sale on her site. I did a little searching before I did this post and I did find it here and there, but yes, expensive.

    augusta~glad you have your first NARS! Purple Rain looks pretty and seems very popular. Seems everyone's excited about Zulu!

    Lucy~it's coming back! I'll get a bottle for myself...if I act quickly, that is! I wish you all would stop talking about Purple Rain, you're going to make me cave and get it after I told myself I don't need it :)