Saturday, March 20, 2010

Longing for Sunshine

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After enjoying an entire week of sunshine and temperatures near the 60 degree mark, my mood has been so much better and I've felt more energetic than I have all winter. That is, until today when we awoke to snow and falling temperatures. The clouds have settled in once again, so I find solace in looking through some of my photos from last summer. I can't wait until it warms up permanently and I can work in the yard on my beloved flowers and enjoy photographing my nails with more creative backgrounds! I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did.


  1. Is that a hollyhock I see? I love them, such gorgeous, tall beauties! I'd love to have a "cut-flower" garden again.

  2. Your flowers are so beautiful! Tiger lillies are my favorite! I cant wait to plant my garden!

  3. Lillies are one of my favorite flowers. Your garden must be so bautiful.

  4. Tiger lilies are my favorite as well Mary, all of your flowers are so lovely! I'm sorry you awoke to snow, I would probably cry, I'm so ready for spring and summer right now!

  5. Wow....Mary....what a beautiful pictres you made. They are absolutely stunning.
    Lovely nails such harmony with your dear flowers. really is time for the summer to come out. I saw this winter enough snow and rain......Nice post you made.

  6. The purple Orly color is to die for. I love how you do matching flowers for the backgrounds, these are great pictures!

  7. What type of flower is in the 9th picture? It's really pretty.

  8. So sorry the snow is back. It was beautiful Saturday. We had all the windows open and it was sunny and warm. A gorgeous day. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of your flowers. You know how I love all of the photos of your garden and flowers. You take such wonderful pictures. Thanks for those lovely shots.

  9. Your garden is delightful! So precious :-) Love how you posed next to your flowers, somehow it reminds me of the fact happiness can be found in even the smallest things, love it.

  10. Those flower macros put a smile on my face :)

  11. Which one is the red essie? Red looks great on you!

  12. Skulda~thanks! I can't wait for summer :)

    Elizabeth~yes, it's a Hollyhock! They're beautiful and that one is almost too tall. But I love them.

    Angie~thank you, we get a lot of pleasure from them.

    Bella Sugar Cosmetics~we try to plant perennials for the most part--less work that way! I have some annuals, but mostly just in pots.

    nihrida~thank you! It seems that there's always something in bloom, which is very nice.

    Nicole~at least we're finally starting to see some sun! Although, looking at my thermometer right now, it only 28 degrees :(

    Romika~I'm glad you enjoyed the post! My husband is really the one with a green thumb, but I try and do my part!

    Rebecca~glad you like them! I take almost as many floral pictures as I do nail pictures :)

    Heather~I like that polish too, very nice shade. My neighbors I'm sure think I'm crazy when they see me out there taking pictures of my hands next to the flowers! I try to stay in the backyard where they can't see me :)

    Allison~that's my hollyhock. I want to get a few more, but that one's getting huge. It's as tall as I am, so I'm not quite sure I want too many more!

    Lucy~I know you love the plants and flowers too! Hopefully I'll have some more nice shots for you this year :)

    Michele~I totally agree, some of my happiest moments are spent with the simpler things in life.

    SilhouetteScreams~that was my intention! They make me very happy also.

    Bella Sugar Cosmetics~that is one I received in a contest that was sponsored by Essie and Jello, of all things! There were two LE shades, and the one I received was called Strawberry Acai!

  13. These pictures make me so happy :) I'm glad it is spring!! A lot of the bulbs I planted in the fall are starting to bloom - it is really exciting seeing them come up. Every fall when I plant I feel like spring is sooo far away - and now it is here :)