Monday, March 29, 2010

Five 'New to Me' Orly Re-Promotes

Last month I saw some Orly polishes on a tabletop display at Sally Beauty that I thought were new, but they were actually re-promotes. I didn't have a number of them, so here are the ones I picked up.

Above: It's Up To Blue, a bright turquoise shimmer with a somewhat foil finish. I do have other shades that are similar, but one can never have too many turquoise shades for summer.
Above: Coffee Break is a neutral taupe creme with no grey undertones. It's actually more of a dark beige and does remind me of coffee with cream!
Above: Purple Crush is more of a hot pink or fuchsia tone to me, with an almost neon finish. It doesn't seem to dry to as glossy of a finish as a regular creme, so I'm going to classify this one as a neon.
Above: Naughty is a deep wine or burgundy creme that is definitely vampy. After the second coat, it's extremely dark, making it difficult to distinguish it's true color. I love the near jelly finish on this one.
Below: Passion Fruit is a fluorescent coral pink creme that I would also classify as a neon, due to the fact that it dries to a less-than-glossy finish.
I used 2 coats on all of these, and the only one that could've used 3 would have been Passion Fruit. These were in a cardboard display that had a tropical theme, although I can't recall what the name of the display was. At any rate, they're all re-promotes and a little strange as far as grouping these shades as a collection, because I didn't really see a theme that tied them altogether, much less a tropical one. Marketing at it's best though, because I still purchased some!


  1. I think Passion Fruit and Purple Crush were two of the first Orly polishes I've ever bought, back when they were the old formula. It's nice to know they're still neons (since some colors seem to have changed with the change in formula). Though I do wonder how Naughty or Coffee Break fit into a tropical theme, it's nice to see a range of shades for everyone! Thanks for showing these!

  2. Wow, Naughty is so vampy! Definitly my favourite!

  3. I like Coffee Break a lot for some reason... but these all look good on you! :]

  4. Have Passion Fruit and love it!

  5. I must be going crazy but I like Coffee Break the best. I would usually go for Naughty first. I don't own any of these, they all look nice.

  6. I am positively DYING over Purple Crush. I wish my nails naturally came in that colour *__*

  7. I have Up to Blue and I find it to be superior to a lot of turquoises that I have. Love it.

    Very pretty shades :)

  8. i like coffee break, has anyone heard of coco beach? i would love to see swatches of that one but can't find them anywhere :(

  9. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why Naughty was in a tropical "collection". Sally's sometimes has "collections" that never were actually released as a collection by that brand of nail color. It's up to Blue, Prince Charming, Lola, Green with Envy, Charged Up, and I believe Cabanna Boy, all came into the permanent set together last summer.

  10. These were called French Polynesia - LOVE the It's Up to Blue and Naughty.


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