Monday, March 22, 2010

Essie Ruby Slippers

Above: Essie's Ruby Slippers is shown using 2 coats and photographed under an Ott lamp.
Below: These photos were taken outdoors in the shade without a flash, and I love how the glitter flashes a slight bit of gold and seems to glow.
Essie's Ruby Slippers is a classic shade that is one of my favorites. It can be a little difficult to locate, but it does show up here and there. I believe I got mine from Victoria Nail Supply quite a while back, and I've heard that they're showing up in the mini's at TJ Maxx stores as well. This is a very pigmented polish for a glitter, and I used my standard 2 coats. It has an abundant amount of red glitter in a darker red polish, with the slightest hint of a blackened background. In certain lighting it throws a flash of gold glitter as well. While I think it's stunning in the sunlight or brighter indoor lighting, I actually prefer it in darker lighting. The red glitter almost seems to glow, and the darker lighting causes the background to have a darker cast as well.

I wanted to remind you that there's always a coupon code for VNS available if you click the Codes & Contests tab above. You can add Color Club's Vivid Top Coat or Color Club's 0-60 Top Coat free to your order by using the code MBS1356. I seldom use a top coat simply because I swatch so much, but I always add one to my order for Frankening purposes. The code is valid through the end of the month, and as I said, there's always a code available in my tab every month for something free from VNS!


  1. I'm waiting for this one in the mail!Looks gorgeous on you Mary ;)

  2. I adore how it looks in the last photo *__* so.much.glitter

  3. Gorgeous blog!
    Hey you won a blog award.

  4. Katie~I'm sure you'll love it too!

    Angie~thanks! It's so sparkly, I just love it.

    SilhouetteScreams~that's my favorite look from this one too. It's beautiful, but even more so in less lighting.

    Helena~thank you! I'll go check it out :)