Friday, March 26, 2010

Essie 2010 Resort Collection Swatches

Perfect formula. All creme finishes. Beautiful summer shades reminding me of sandy beaches, cool blue green waters, tropical flowers...where's my margarita and Jimmy Buffet? Introducing Essie's Summer 2010 Collection, Resort. Available May 2010.

Above & Below: Turquoise & Caicos, a flirty and pretty tropical aqua.
Below: A bottle comparison L-R: Orly Gumdrop, Essie Greenport, Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Quirius Jamaican Dream, Essie Mint Candy Apple.
Below: A very quick side-by-side showing Turquoise & Caicos on the left and Northport on the right.
Below: Lapis of Luxury, a dreamy ocean blue.
Below: Playa Del Platinum, an elegant and sheer sandy gray.
Below: Splash of Grenadine, a playful magenta pink.
I tried to photograph all four of these in 3 types of lighting: outdoors in full sun, indoors with an Ott lamp, and indoors under a skylight with no flash. The colors, being cremes, stay true in any lighting and are quite pigmented. I had no application problems, as the formula on all of them was perfect. I used 2 coats and they all covered nicely. They were a bit streaky on the first coat, but nothing that the second coat couldn't conceal. I'm very impressed with these--I love the shades themselves, the formula was excellent, and the names are cute and catchy (the color descriptions above are from the press release). I didn't see any duplicates in my stash, and although some reminded me of other polishes, when I compared them, they were indeed different.
What do you think? Do you see any you think you'll be getting?


  1. I'm really loving this collection ALOT.....ahhh yes, I can hear Jimmy Buffet playing while strolling on the beach. This collection screams summer. SO nice!

  2. Great swatches! I want all of them :D

  3. I want the whole collection! Thank you so much for these swatches!

  4. They're all so pretty! I'm especially loving Turquoise & Caicos and Splash of Grenadine.

  5. I think I'll get Playa Del Platinum and Splash of Grenadine, the other two are beautiful too but I have similar colours!! Great swatches!

  6. Mary, do you know how Lapis of Luxury compares to Shelter Island? I do need them all though... Eek!

  7. im a new follower and cant wait till this collection comes out i saw it a few weeks ago and i want all the colors in this collection xoxox and now that u swatched im in more in love lol

  8. I didn't even know Essie was coming out with a new collection. These all look really cute and I think I'll pass only Playa Del Platinum. This is the first Essie collection since North Folk that looks really nice to me.

  9. Love them all. Thanks for the comparisons. They do all look very similar. I can skip this one. Lapis of Luxury looks a little like Cashmere Cardigan. Do you think so? I really might buy the last two. I'll take the margaritas but I don't like Jimmy Buffet.

  10. I like these and I am suprised! Thanks for the swatches. They are very cheery.

  11. Oh no, these were supposed to be blah so I wouldn't want them. But no they are pretty and I want them!

  12. Oh man oh man I want these!! Well the purple, turquoise and blue ones that is ;-) I love spring & summer collections... ChG Poolside next week, the Zoya brights, these :D Thank you for the swatches!

  13. I loooooove this collection! Can't wait til it comes out. I normally don't like a whole collection, just two or three colors in general, but this one, I need to get every color! :)

  14. These are sooo awesome!! I saw the promos a while ago and got excited, now I'm all gassed up :)

  15. I love all of them ... the colors are so pretty and there are no oranges or browns or corals in them, it's the perfect collection for me ;) I will be getting all of them ;)

  16. How i adore essie polish she can do no wrong in my book but after just reciveing the north fork collection and then searching all over the web for burbuda banana i dont think i would want the blue nor the purple were is my summer yellow when i think of a resort sunshine come to mind laying in the sun and sipping on pina colada they should have put a nice yellow in the group well mybe next summer.

  17. Playa del Platinum is not the kind of colour I would wear, but it's a seriously unique colour! I dont think I've ever seen anything quite like it *__*

  18. Dollface~it's a perfect little collection for summer! I just love the shades in this set.

    technopathetic~it's interesting how some collection seem to be so much more popular than others. This is definitely one of them.

    Jessica~I totally enjoying swatching this set--you're very welcome!

    Jean~glad you like them! I like all of them, and am having a har time picking a favorite! I guess I'd go with Turquoise & Caicos :)

    Katie~Playa del Platinum is really a nice shade, I just love it! Of course, I'm saying that about all 4 of them :)

    Aquilah~I'm sorry, I don't have that one! The only one I have from that set is Northport. But yes, you do need them all!

    Get Nailed~I like the smaller sets, especially when all of the colors are 'must haves'!

    Confessions of a Doll~I felt the same way when I first saw the promo pictures. I wanted all of them.

    S~definitely a nice collection. Great summer colors and some of my favorite shade families.

    Lucy~it looks a bit like Cashmere Cardigan, but it's more blue than that. Well, at least you like Margarita's!

    virginiaisforluvrs~glad you like them! They seem to be very well-liked among almost everyone.

    KrisinPhilly~they are cheery, reminding me of summer and spending time on the beach. What could be better?!!

    Evil Angel~we say that about a lot of collections, but we end up loving too many of them :)

    WizardsOfBling~agreed! Essie did a very nice job with these.

    Michelle~summer collections are great! Personally, I'm glad to get away from all of the pastels a bit :)

    Twister~I was so excited to see these in real life. No disappointment at all.

    MissDCember~I'm totally pleased with it. A perfect little collection for summer.

    The Nail Polish M.D.~aren't they perfect? The colors appealed to me as soon as I saw the promo pictures.

    Yavanna~it's kind of nice that they don't have the corals and pinks. These are a bit different, but still great for summer.

    jamaicanvibes~I've always been a big Essie. I love the formula and although they come out with lots of pinks and reds, they come out with a lot of other great shades too. Maybe a yellow will show up next Spring/Summer :)

    SilhouetteScreams~I liked this one quite well. I'm getting a lot of polishes in this shade family, but no total duplicates yet. I actually like the slightly lighter taupes like this one.

    Cami Rocha~that seems to be the sentiment among most everyone! Glad you like them.

  19. Beautiful! Sorry, I'm a little late to the game, but I'm curious how Lapis of Luxury compares to BB Couture's Zuma Wave Rider.

  20. I am too excited about 3 of these colors. The only one I don't like is Playa de Platinum. I hope I can get them!

  21. I love those! especially turquoise etc... too bad transdesign raised their prices from $4 to $8 recently :(

  22. Whole Collection Looks Adorable.

  23. I love all of them, but my favorite is the turquoise and caicos, not only because it looks like greenport's cousin, but because I love all those bright, oceany, sea-breezy turqouise-aquas. they make me feel happy and content and kind of lift my mood.
    I'm even thinking of getting a backup of turquoise and caicos - though I've never emptied a whole bottle of nail polish before ^^
    But it's a really pretty color. One of Essies best, in my opinion :))