Thursday, March 25, 2010

Borghese Summer 2010: Tutti Gelati Collection

My Rite-Aid was stocked with all kinds of new polishes and collections today, so let's start with what I picked up from the Borghese Summer 2010 Collection, Tutti Gelati. There are 2 other shades that I opted not to get, Limoncello, a very pale yellow shimmer, and a light violet creme that I can't recall the name of.

Above & Below: Menta looks so pigmented in the bottle, but after 4 coats, this is what it looks like. The formula is extremely thin and although it does build up, I'm afraid it's going to take too many more to make it completely opaque. The color is a tealish turquoise in the bottle, but once on, I would describe it as a watery darker aqua shade. It has a little bit of the RBL Scrangie effect--hard to explain, but that burst of color that radiates from the center.
Below: Pistacchio was not quite as thin as Menta, but it was definitely thinner than I anticipated. I used 3 coats to get this look. This is a lighter shade of emerald green and also a shimmer.
Below: The collection's namesake polish, Tutti Gelati, is a wonderful pink creme with a hint of silver shimmer. This applied beautifully in 2 coats.
Below: Maraschino is a coral creme and like Tutti Gelati, it applied nicely in 2 coats. This one is a true coral with a slightly more orange tint to it than red, but not so much that I would define it as an orange based coral.
I truly thought I would love Menta and Pistacchio the most, and in theory, I do. The shades are beautiful, especially Menta, but I was disappointed that the coverage was not what I expected. The formula on Tutti Gelati and Maraschino are excellent, and although I likely have similar colors, these did not disappoint me at all. The shimmer in Tutti Gelati is subtle but noticeable, and it's a perfect shade of pink. I adore coral shades of all kinds, and Maraschino is right in the middle of the coral range--not too red, not too orange.
I also picked up some Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's from a new display, some of Revlon's new Scents of Summer Shades, a few Sally Hansen Complete Salon shades I hadn't seen before (I don't think they're anything brand new though), and some of the CQ and Petites in the newly designed bottles. And I wonder why my untried's never seem to diminish!


  1. Oh Mary those are all lovely! I haven't see them yet around here but I'm watching!

  2. I like Pistacchio the most, but the coverage looks terrible. Borghese isn't the cheapest drugstore brand so I don't know if I will be getting them based on the VNL problem that you had. (Visable Nail Line). I'm sure it could be fixed with a layer underneath... but why bother? :(

    It's nice to see that the brand is moving away from it's reds and pinks safezone.

  3. Darn I love the Pistachio but it's too sheer for me. The last two are really pretty but I also probably have polishes like them. Thanks for swatching these. I know I can save my money.

  4. I am surprised at the sheerness of Menta and Pistacchio. While there have been plenty of cremes released by other brands this spring that would make lovely bases for layering, I still would prefer these two were opaque on their own. They are both very pretty with that trademark Borghese shimmer.

    I am glad I reserved my, uh, enthusiasm for the scented Revlon polishes.

  5. I wish the formula were better on the first two, because theyre such beautiful colours. The cremes are gorgeous too, and not just because theyre actually opaque :3

  6. These are lovely, haven't seen them around here as yet, shame that it takes so many coats for such a build.

  7. ANSTAH~thank you! Glad you like them.

    Evil Angel~they really are pretty and they applied nicely, just sheer on the 2.

    Skulda~they are a bit expensive, but the formula is great. I'm glad they're coming out with some diferent shades too, nice to see.

    Lucy~I was only going to get 1 or 2, but next thing you know, I have the 4. Oh well :)

    paintedladyfingers~the 2 sheer ones are so pretty but I was really surprised at how thin they were. I wasn't all that excited over the shades in the new scented collection, but we'll see, once I swatch them.

    SilhouetteScreams~they really are pretty, but I guess I'll try them over a darker base and see if that helps. I love Maraschino, such a nice shade.

    clockwork~glad to see you again! Yes, from looking at the polish in the bottle, I'd never have guessed it was going to be this sheer. Especially Menta.