Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bleach Black Dickweed

Above & Below: Bleach Black Dickweed is shown using 2 coats and photographed with an Ott light. I love how the edges fade darker in the last picture, and of course a blackened teal is always a favorite for me.
I ordered Bleach Black Dickweed almost 2 months ago, so I thought it was time to swatch this beauty. A blackened teal shimmer with a very slight duo chrome and a name that either repulses you or makes you laugh, it is a lovely and unique polish. I used 2 coats and I may go with 3 thinner ones the next time. This is one of those polishes that makes me wish I'd waiting for a sunny day to swatch, because I can see hints of purple in the bottle that I think might flash, had I been able to find the sun. No matter, just the fact that it's a blackened teal is good enough for me.


  1. oh wow Mary! What a beautiful color. I love it :)

  2. Very pretty shade of teal. Hate the name! Looks lovely on you.

  3. DW is my favorite Blackened teal!

  4. Wow, that is such a cool color!

  5. Loved this color!! i'm in love with teal polishes!! I couldn't understand the name of this polish, cause english isn't my official language *shame on me*

  6. The name isn't nearly as bad as Cheeky Monkey cosmetics polishes. They are almost all vulgar, to say the least

  7. Love the colour, love the name, looks great on you

  8. Love the name! I've been wanting this color, and finally bit the bullet and ordered it. Thanks for pushing me over the edge!

  9. The name is funny, but the color is gorgeous. Looks wonderful on you.

  10. AllYouDesire~thank you, it is pretty unique!

    Lucy~I know the name is, well, different! Have you seen their newest polish and the name of it? That's even worse :)

    Evil Angel~I would say it's probably mine too, although--and I can't recall the name right now--Barielle has a beautiful one too that was part of the ALU collection.

    Gildedangel~I love it too! The mysterious black shadow effect is so nice!

    Cah_nossovicia~glad you like the polish! The name is definitely a negative one and basically means a less than desireable person, and that's putting it mildly!

    Bella Sugar Cosmetics~I have seen the Cheeky Monkey names and yes, pretty out there! Kind of embarassing when someone asks you the name of your polish, especially someone older like your Mom or Grandma :)

    Nicole~thank you, it's one of my new favorites!

    Cali369~thanks! The name is pretty funny. My husband thought it was a pretty color and asked me what the name was. I may or may not have been known to call him that every now and again :)

    Caroline~so happy to have pushed over the edge! Hope you enjoy it!

    SilhouetteScreams~I can only imagine what others will be called from this line! I didn't really like their latest one color-wiese, but the name is pretty bad~ha-ha!

    jo.frougal~the color is definitely a great one...the name? I find it pretty funny, although it is a bit rude!