Sunday, March 21, 2010

Barielle Spring 2010: Blossom, Snap Dragon & Daring Dahlia

Above: Blossom is a perfect medium-toned peach creme, but the formula was extremely thick and caused me much frustration. I love the color though, so I'll keep adding thinner until I get it to behave as well as it looks!
Below: Snap Dragon is a frosty-metallic-foily seafoam green that did have some brush stroke issues, which I expected from this type of finish. I only used one coat and the coverage was better than I expected.
Below: Daring Dahlia, a fuchsia shade, applied extremely well. The polish itself is quite thin, but it has a lot of color payoff. It has the slightest hint of shimmer, but looks basically like a cream because the shimmer is so subtle.
I posted the first 3 shades from this collection a couple of months ago (click here to view), and am finally getting around to the other 3 shades from Barielle's Wildflower Collection today. I started swatching them several weeks ago, beginning with Blossom. I was so frustrated with the formula though, I set them aside for another day. While I love the perfect peach shade of Blossom, the formula was extremely thick. I added my usual 3-4 drops of thinner, and was still dissatisfied after the first coat. I added 5 more drops before applying the second coat, and while it was an improvement, it still needs a bit more thinning. I ended up going with 3 coats to diminish the streaks--which is a shame, because it really is a fantastic shade of peach. Snap Dragon applied like a typical metallic frost, meaning you're going to see some brush strokes. I only needed one coat though, so that was a plus. After removing it, I wondered had I applied 2 coats, if that would have lessened the brush strokes. Daring Dahlia applied like a dream! I noticed a hint of shimmer in the bottle, but for all intents and purposes, this one is a creme, as the shimmer doesn't show on the nail. The formula was thin, but very well pigmented. All in all, I like all 6 colors in this collection. In looking at the bottles, it's a very nice array of Spring colors and finishes. A Bouquet for Ava (from the first 3 in the set) and Daring Dahlia are similar to other polishes I have in color, but the other 4 are fairly unique for me.
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  1. I love blooming blossom. I had it on yesterday!

  2. I like all three, such great spring colors!

  3. Too bad Blossom is a PIA because it's really gorgeous!

  4. Nail Fanatic~I love the shade, but not the formula. Was yours really thick?

    Evil Angel~the whole collection is really nice for Spring--a lot of different colors and finishes.

    Skulda~thanks! Other than the 'too thick' Blossom!

    WizardsofBling~I do too, I was just disappointed that I still haven't gotten the formula right.

    SilhouetteScreams~that one surprised me! That slight hint of shimmer and a great formula.

    Never Enough Nails~I know, I'm not going to give up on it yet though!

  5. i really like snap drrrrragon... i am so into frosts despite the brushstrokes....

  6. Oh I like Snap Dragon and Daring Dahlia, although I might just be more partial to the name on the latter >.<