Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zoya/Art of Beauty Prizes To Celebrate!

Here's another prize for my 1st Anniversary Contest giveaway! My many thanks to Zoya for furnishing these products and for their continued support of my blog, and many other blogs as well. Along with the prizes already added (see the 'Anniversary Prize Sponsors' and 'February Contest' boxes in the upper right corner for details on this month's contest and prizes), the winner will also receive a complete 6-piece set of Zoya's latest release, Reverie. To go along with that, they'll receive a MiniCure set, which is great for travel and also a fantastic way to try out some of Zoya's manicure care products. I'll be swatching my own Reverie collection yet this week to show you the shades, and I'll also do a review on the products included in the MiniCure set. My PR Rep from Zoya is the one who convinced me to sign up with Twitter this past summer, so if you'd like to follow them on Twitter, you can join them here for all of their sales and specials, some exclusive to Twitter followers.


  1. What a wonderful addition to all the great gifts! Thanks so much for all that you give to us readers. Your just a wonderful and sweet person.

  2. what a beautiful collection. lovely, you should save some for yourself if that's allowed :) xx

  3. This is so cool! It says a lot about your blog and you and that these companies see the value of what you do. Congratulations for all this recognition. You deserve it!

  4. I'm really excited about the Reverie collection, especially the beautiful pinks (Reese and Happi) and Adina looks so pretty!! :)

  5. Reverie collection, seem so interesting and lovely

  6. What a great addition, but I wish that Zoya sold the "minicure set" on their website, that would be perfect for a first time buyer.

  7. Wow this is getting more and more unbelievable. Congrats!

  8. Lucy~glad you approve! I love Zoya and was thrilled with their offering.

    London's-beauty-well, I won't keep any from the prize~ha-ha! They were kind enough to send me a duplicate of everything for review~yay!

    Elizabeth~thank you, I truly appreciate my sponsors and their willingness to join in the celebration.

    Brooke~I love how these all have a sheen and veining in them. Can't wait to try mine out.

    Shaimaa~I like the finish type these have and the shades are lovely.

    Jackie S.~it was on their website not too long ago, but I sent an eMail to my rep. to see if it can still be obtained or if it's just a seasonal item.

    jo.frougal~isn't it fun?!! It definitely got larger (the prize package) than I anticipated, but that's fine :)


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