Thursday, February 4, 2010

Win a $25.00 OC Nail Art Gift Card & A Rare Konad From Me!

Above & Below: For my base I used 2 coats of BB Couture's Eternity, a brown toned burgundy shimmer. The above photo is true to color as shown under an Ott light, while the photo below taken with a flash, brings out the burgundy shade a bit more.
Below: My "I never do Konad's but I did one today" look, using Orly's new Luxe from the Foil FX collection and plate m65. The first photo is with a flash, while the second photo is with an Ott light.
Below: I added one coat of my favorite new transforming top coat, BB Courture's Diamond Dust.
Above & Below: I swear to you that this looks unbelievably amazing in real life! I took lots of photos, but couldn't capture the holographic glitter that is mostly green over this color combination to show you how good it looks, especially over the Konad image with the gold beneath it.
Below: The winner of this month's Anniversary Contest will receive a $25.00 gift code to use at OC Nail Art for all of your Konad supplies. This is just one of many prizes the winner will recieve.
Earlier this week I announced my 1 Year Anniversary giveaway contest and showed you the first prize included from Overall Beauty. Today we're adding another prize to the package, a $25.00 gift certificate from Kathleen at OC Nail Art. Kathleen has kindly added free shipping to anywhere in the world for the products the winner chooses to use the gift certificate on! Click here to read about the contest and how you can enter.

To show my spirit for this prize, I have broken out my Konad supplies for my Nail of the Day look. This is a rare event on my blog, because I seldom do Konad looks. I have no reason for not using mine more, and everytime I use it, I think---why don't I do this more often? My main excuse is I'm lazy...busy...lazy, interchangeable words to some degree, but not a very good excuse. It only takes 5-10 minutes longer to use than just normally painting my nails in one color does. I see that OC Nail Art has some new plates available (75, 76, 77, 78, 80, 81 and s10), so I think I'll order a few more to add to my small collection and get on the Konad kick!


  1. I love the konad Mary, it's perfect!

  2. As soon as I got my bottles of Foil Fx I wondered how they would Konad. Thank you for answering my question. Tomorrows valentines mani will totally be konad'd with them!

  3. Mary,this is gorgeous! Nicely done :)

  4. Gorgeous! You should bust out the plates more often!

  5. o0o0 that looks so pretty Mary i love the colour combo

  6. Wow I love the color combo! You really should break out your Konad plates more often! I don't have any yet but wow you got me thinking about getting them now ;)

  7. BB Couture makes the prettiest colors but they're a little on the pricey side.

  8. I had a feeling this would look really pretty! And it's a stunner. I LOVE Diamond Dust, I put it over Zoya Kiki and it was totally amazing! You do a good Konad, Mary.

  9. I love that design and colors marry well together ! Sure you should show us some Konad more often ^^

  10. I'm even worse because I haven't even used mine. The design I love. Looks very Victorian. You picked the perfect shade to use with it. Love the sparkly coat on top. A beautiful manicure.

  11. Evil Angel~thanks, and I'm happy you like it!

    Ange~Marie~I wondered that too, and they definitely work well! Looking forward to seeing yours :)

    Pinkginger~thank you :) It's simple, but I like the color combination. I seem to use that plate quite a bit!

    Kae~I should, and yes, I think I will! Thanks :)

    Jessica~thank you, they're fun to use and not much extra work. So yes, I will vow to do it more.

    Skye~glad you like it! I wanted to try one of the foils out, and it looks nice with the background.

    Kim~I really do like them, and haven't had much trouble at all using them. I want more plates now!

    Kalmo~they are fantastic, no doubt. I try to get them on sale and stock up, but honestly, their formula is one of the best.

    Phyrra~ha-ha, so do I! I'm glad it turned out, you know, you try to envision it, but sometimes the color choices don't look as good as you thought they would!

    Nicole~thanks! I love the Diamond DUst. I leave it right here where I can put it over anything before I remove it just to see how it looks.

    contestrobyn~thank you! I'm happy with the colors too.

    Ayuu~I know, but like I said, laziness! I'll try for another one this coming week :)

    Camy~thank you :)

    Lucy~glad you like it! You need to use yours. We'll make a pact to use them more often!

  12. woah, this could be my FIRST konad and it is too gorgeous!!


  13. Great Konad design!! I keep seeing that plate and loving it :) great color choices too!

  14. That is so beautiful!!