Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wet n Wild Red Tape & Some Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Swatches

Above & Below: Wet n Wild Red Tape is a red creme which has very slight red coral tones, that are more evident in the sunlight photo shown below. I used 2 coats and had no problem with the application. This is a new shade that was recently released.
Below: Some swatches from Wet n Wild's new eye shadow trio's, which were released along with several other cosmetics items, including the nail polishes.
Above & Below: These swatches on my hand were taken in the sunlight with no flash. These are the shades in the Sweet as Candy trio. I have used this set quite a few times and have had no creasing throughout the day, and the pigmentation is excellent.
Below: The Knock on Wood trio didn't fare as well on me. The colors are not as pigmented, although the wear was very good. The cranberry shade looks lovely in the palette, but is a muddy, almost brick red color on me, while the pink shade is barely noticeable.
A couple of weeks ago I showed you some of the products I picked up from the new Wet n Wild displays that are showing up. You can see the palettes and polishes here, and if you want to take a look at some of the polishes, just search my Wet n Wild label for those. I've swatched most of the polishes, but still have a couple to go, including today's Red Tape. There are also a number of eye shadow palettes with new shades on their updated displays, so I wanted to show you some swatches of those as well.

Red Tape is a very pigmented shade of red with the slightest hint of red coral. It covered very nicely in 2 coats, and although the brush and handle are relatively small, it actually makes for a more controlled application. The formula is quite good also, reminding me of the formula in the new Colours from the CND Colour & Effect line. For $1.89, you really can't go wrong with these.

The palettes I swatched today are trio's, retailing for $2.84 (at Meijer). Each color is embossed with the area on your eye where they are intended to be applied, Browbone, Crease, and Eyelid. They also work well when applied with a wet applicator for additional color depth. Sweet as Candy is my favorite of these two because I prefer the shades (off-white, medium brown, pink) with my eye color (brown), and this palette seems to have more color pay-off. The Knock on Wood palette doesn't seem as pigmented, especially on the pink shade. The Cranberry color is pretty in the case, but when I used it, my eyes almost looked bruised! Perhaps this trio, which includes a pale pink, a medium brown, and the cranberry, would look better on someone with different coloring, but I can't seem to work it right on myself.


  1. I haven't spotted any of the trios yet, but I have two sextets (Lust and Pride) and I LOVE them. They're highly pigmented and I love that they come with matte and shimmer shades. Epic awesome.

  2. love ur notd!and im sure wnw's nail polish isnt that expensive!yeay

  3. That's a pretty red! It has a juicy quality to it. Lovely!

  4. Like that shade on you. Very pretty coral red. I know what you mean with the cranberry shades. I love them but they don't love me. I first wore that shade as a teenager and my Father asked me who socked me in the eye and my brother took a fit of laughing. I had to go wash it off. I still like that shade. Darn! I've never used WetnWild shadows. I'm not going to even go there since I have enough to last a few lifetimes.

  5. very pretty colour and gorjuz swatches

  6. Loved the nail polish
    the colour so strong

  7. Stephanie~I agree, their eyeshadows have come a long way in the last couple of years. Great price too!

    Vanilla~like their makeup, their polishes are inexpensive and really quite good in quality too.

    Diana~the formula was great and yes, very juicy/glossy finish :)

    Lucy~I know, I was disappointed, because I really like the shade. I have a couple of other brands in cranberry colors and you'd think I'd learn that they just don't work on me!

    Skye~thank you! I just wish the other palette was as pigmented as the first one, but it's not like I spent too much money on it.

    Shaimaa~I like it too, thank you! It's really pretty and I love just the hint of red coral in it.

  8. i have knock on wood, and i personally love it! i was really sad to see the old trio in mojave mauves go because that burgundy shade is one of my all time favorites! luckily the shade is the same in knock on wood. i actually found the brown and burgundy from knock on wood to be really pigmented and really nice! i agree that the pink hardly shows, but for the price, its not a big deal to me.