Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tone-on-Tone Konad: Color Club Who Are You Wearing & High Society

Above & Below: A tone-on-tone Konad using plate m65. I used Color Club's High Society as a base color, while using Who Are You Wearing as the stamping image color. Both shades are from the Rebel Debutante collection that was recently released. Top photo is under an Ott light, while the photo below is with a flash.
Below: Swatch photos of High Society. The top photo is under an Ott lamp and is true to color, while the photo below this one is with a flash.
Below: Swatch photos of Who Are You Wearing. The first photo is under an Ott lamp, while the photo below it is with a flash.
Today I have two more shades from Color Club's Rebel Debutante Collection, Who Are You Wearing and High Society. This collection is billed as Rebellious Shades that go from Classic to Trendy. These two colors are both classic and trendy, although not terribly rebellious. But that's all right with me--it gets too confusing to try and be too many things at once! High Society is a medium taupe creme, while Who Are You Wearing is a light almond or antique white shade. I do have a number of taupe shades, but I have been looking for a shade that wasn't a stark white or an obvious light beige, and I may have found it in Who Are You Wearing. As with all of the polishes I've tried so far in this collection, these both covered nicely using 2 coats. WAYW is a bit sheer, but not something I found to be problematic.

Both of these shades are very pretty alone, but I wanted to try a tone-on-tone look with them, and I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I used the m65 Konad plate, and the floral pattern combined with the colors, dressed it up just enough while still being subtle and delicate.
*Products (polishes) shown were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm.


  1. Wow, I LOVE this tone on tone look on you!! Pretty colors, and the Konad looks so elegant. I'm liking this collection more and more!!

  2. Amazingly elegant Konad!

  3. ooh, love this, it looks so classy :o)

  4. Gorgeous mani, I love the look of tone-on-tone!

  5. Great look! Love how subtle it is, so gentle yet magnificent!

  6. I love these 2 shades, they are very pretty !
    And your konadicure is gorgeous ;)

  7. Look at you!! Breaking out the konad and everything! It must be in celebration of Dinky's biday - she turned 2 today!!

  8. Very pretty and romantic look. I like High Society as a great neutral. The other is really a very light shade. Guess it's good for Konading but not on my nails. Not fond of the sheers.

  9. You did a beautiful job with the roses Konad. I used to sell linens and the neutral palette with the floral design reminds me of Ralph Lauren bedding. I mean this as a compliment. I love the look of fine fabrics.

  10. Love the Konad!! It looks great :)

  11. Euridice~it is a nice collection! I love tone-on-tone looks, and need to do more of them!

    SannaK~thank you! I really like how it turned out.

    BabyD~thanks :) It's subtle, but yet still eye-catching.

    gildedangel~lots of possibilities with tone-on-tone looks, but these shades looked just as nice as I'd imagined.

    KONADomania~you summed it up well, thank you :)

    Celine~I seem to use this particular plate a lot, but I really like the designs it has. It seemed to work well with these colors.

    Brooke~you know I did it just for Dinky's birthday!

    Thess~thank you!

    Lucy~I actually liked the lighter shade, but I do think it would look nice alone if I had a bit darker color to my skin. Come on summer!

    Diana~that's a very nice comopliment, thank you! I love bedding and all of the patterns and colors too.

    NailsIt~thank you! I need to Konad more, so I'm going to attempt it weekly.