Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sinful You Just Wait (until you see this as a top coat!)

Above: Sinful's You Just Wait isn't anything spectacular by itself (2 coats), although I do like the gold flash it gives off.
Below: Don't give up on it yet though! Layer one coat over almost any other polish, and you'll be entertained for hours playing around with the possibilities. Here it is over China Glaze Midnight Ride (deep purple shimmer). Apologies in advance for the messy job I did, but you get the idea!
Above & Below: This is shown under an Ott light with no flash, while below is with a flash.
Below: This Sinful polish actually creates a duo chrome look, as you can see purple and green flashes in different lighting, which is more intense than I was able to capture in these photos.
Below: Apologies again for the mess, as I have several layers on by now! Here is one coat of the Sinful over China Glaze Blue Sparrow. Although not as duo chromatic over this shade as it is above, it's still quite interesting how it transforms itself. It adds a golden veil of shimmer, and a very subtle green flash.
Above & Below: The photo above shows green and gold shimmer when using a flash, while the photos below show the gold veil and slight duo chrome a little better.
Sinful You Just Wait is a very sheer pink shimmer with pale gold highlights...nothing special and in my opinion, almost too sheer to be worn alone. But used as a top coat, this is quite the performer for $1.99! In the bottle it appears to be a shell pink with a slight foil look and an even slighter light green flash. I used it over 2 other shades as you see in the photos, and although it tends to always pull a bit of green, it does look and act differently, depending on what you layer it over. I love these cheap drugstore polishes that don't look like anything special, but then have duo purposes--and a duo chrome look!


  1. Oh I love it! I'll have to look for this Sinful. I can just imagine the possibilities.

  2. whaaaaaaaaaaat!

    this is so awesome

    i am experimenting with layering but i have never achieved this before!

  3. I totally have this and haven't used it cuase I thought it was kinda meh... but I think you've changed my mind.

  4. That looks like a gorgeous layering polish!

  5. Wow..I'm nearly speechless...awesome discovery!

  6. I really enjoyed this glaze over the others.

  7. Cute idea. I love Sinful polishes!

  8. Wow, I always forget how gorgeous the sheer colors look when they're layered!!

  9. Great!!! I must try this gorgeous polish :)

  10. I've always ignored this one before because I just thought it would be too sheer. Stupid me, I never even considered how lovely it would be over something else. Somehow, the idea to layer always eludes me. I love love love what it does to Midnight Ride. Kudos on the discovery.

  11. Beautiful as a layering polish. I'll have to try doing this with other sheer Sinful Colors. I always forget to do this. Very pretty look on all of those polishes.

  12. Velvet~I know! I'm leaving this one out to try over everything else before I take it off!

    Deez~I had a hunch it would transform into something nice, but never imagined this :)

    Cara~yes, I thought it may have been a bad decision to buy it, but you just never know sometimes.

    gildedangel~this is definitely one of my new favorites, at least for layering.

    Stephanie~I was pretty surprised after the first stroke!

    Jackie S.~who would've thought this could work so well as a layering polish?!!

    Kitty~isn't it wild? I couldn't believe how it changed so much with just one coat.

    Camila~it isn't too exciting on it's own, but it certainly works well over darker shades!

    Marie~I like them too. They're really coming out with some nice shades lately.

    Jennifer~yes, I always hang onto the sheers. I may not like them alone, but they almost always perform well when layering.

    rmcandlelight~it caught my eye in the store with the green flash, but I feared it may be too sheer. That's okay in this case though!

    Betsy~I am very happy with this one as a layering polish. I always try never know what you may end up with, although it's not always this dramatic.

    Lucy~glad you like them. Sinful make some great polishes and many of them do work well as layering ones.

  13. OH MY!!! I am going to have to pick this up and experiment with it a little. It is quite stunning!