Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Lime Lights (makes a great layering look!)

Above & Below: Lime Lights is an extremely sheer (shown using 3 coats) pale mint green with iridescent shimmer. I found this worked much better as a layering polish over black.
Below: See what I mean? How gorgeous is that color now?!! The color shifts from a darker to lighter green in various lighting. I think this would look beautiful as a stamping image color on a black-based Konad design.
Here's another Xtreme Wear, this time in Lime Lights. Even though I don't like this one nearly as much as I did The Real Teal, which I posted earlier today, it's not a total fail. Worn alone (with 3 coats), it's an iridescent pale green that is more mint than lime. It's extremely sheer and I'd hazard a guess that you'd need 5 coats to get rid of the visible nail lines. The iridescent shimmer is quite attractive, so I wondered how it might perform over black. I did a quick test using 1 coat of Orly's Matte Vinyl, followed with 1 coat of Lime Lights, and I'll admit this look impresses me more. It becomes an emerald green with what looks like a light sprinkling of lighter green shimmer. In various lighting, it almost turns into a duo chrome, showing some underlying black and darker shades of green.


  1. It looks nice over blue, too. Kind of like a peacock feather.

  2. Oh, much better over the black, it's actually a stunner!

  3. I like that color layered, it's awesome!

  4. HOLY CRAP such a pretty layering shade! :O

  5. A sheer that I like. Very pretty shade but even better layered. A gorgeous 2 for 1 polish.

  6. You are SO right!!! That is much lovelier layered! How inspiring is that -- I've got to try it!

  7. gildedangel~I was pretty amazed when I saw it too!

    Stephanie~I'll have to try that, sounds pretty! I want to try it over everything now :)

    Pinkginger~thanks! I thought it was interesting and very pretty!

    Nicole~I thought it would look nice, but I didn't expect such dramatic results!

    Phyrra~I know, I couldn't stop looking at it!

    SilhouetteScreams~it's so pretty in real life, I just love it.

    Lucy~it wasn't terrible by itself, but yes, layering it was much better :)

    jo.frougal~I have a habit of layering lots of things before I remove a mani just to check it out. They don't all turn out this well though!

  8. Have you tried layering Sally Hansen Lime Lights over Sinful Colors Mint Apple? They are gorgeous together! Right now I have Sinful Colors Mint Apple with a layer of Sally's Lime Lights over it and topped it off with a couple layers of Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor and it's absolutely stunning! Kinda reminds me of a mermaid's scale!

  9. WOW!!! I just bought this color about a week ago and was completely disappointed in it (bcuz of the number of coats I had to apply to get it to the color in the bottle)...but you made me want to try it AGAIN! ;)
    I never thought to apply it over black to make the color POP more. I might also try it with Sinful Colors' Mint's such a pretty color in the bottle, thanks. =)

  10. I just picked this up yesterday, and for me, it's a sheer mint-gold-green...with something that vaguely resembles a duochrome. (The other color in the duochrome is pale brown, a little bit darker than when I'm just wearing clear topcoat on my nails.)

    I really like this color. It took me four coats to get rid of the VNL and have just the green, but you could always go with a French-tip-esque look and do the underside of your nails with white polish or pencil, and have Lime Lights on top on the whole nail. (Or do four coats. :D )

    I'd like to see what this looks like over some of my Zoya greens that I don't love quite so much, like Shawn or even Envy - which looks almost black.