Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Product Review: Zoya Minicure Color-Lock System & Zoya Colbie NOTD

Above& Below: One of the prizes in my Anniversary Contest is Zoya's Color-Lock Minicure system. Below is a review for the products contained in this set. For my NOTD, I used Zoya Colbie and my own Minicure products.
Below: Colbie is a Black Cherry shade with a blackened base. It's very rich and deep in color. I used 2 coats and all of the products in the Minicure set for this look.
Below: This photo was taken with a flash and shows the velvety glow of Colbie.
Below: Zoya Anchor basecoat in conjuction with Armor Topcoat, gave me a smooth application with a glass-like finish.
With the month winding down (yay! come on Spring!), I have a couple of reviews I wanted to share with you, as these products are prizes in my Anniversary Contest, which ends 2/28/10. You can find the entry details here, and all of the prizes one lucky winner will receive by checking out the 'Anniversary Prize Sponsors' box in the upper right-hand corner. The first item is Zoya's Minicure Color Lock System, which is a seasonal item and often available on Zoya's web site around the holidays. It is a miniature version of the most basic items in their full-sized Color-Lock system and does not contain the Get Even (ridge filling basecoat) or the Renew (polish rejuvenator) found in the full-sized version. It does however, contain probably their most popular treatments, including Remove, Anchor, Armor, and Hurry Up. Those are the four products I'll be reviewing today.

Remove-this is a 3-in-1 product that is primarily used for polish removal. It moisturizes, nourishes and fortifies the nail plate, and also acts as a nail cleaner and nail prep prior to polishing your nails. It's a very gentle acetone formula that is non-drying to the nails and surrounding skin. It has a scent that reminds me of anise and lavender. It contains only 5 ingredients, one of those being glycerin, which helps your skin to retain moisture. The remover I use most often, is Sally's Beauty Secrets. Zoya's is honestly a superior product and the only excuse I have for not using it more often, is that I don't plan ahead and Sally is right around the corner, which makes it easier access. I have the large Remove with the Big Flipper, but I use it sparingly and need to remember to order it again! The Sally brand isn't too drying, but I always feel the need to moisturize after using it, which is not the case with the Remove. I normally use 2 cotton balls to remove the polish from one hand (unless it's a glitter!), and with the Remove, I can accomplish the task with just one. Also, the Remove, like I mentioned, only has 5 ingredients. The Sally brand has 11, and when in comes to beauty products, in many cases, less is more.

Anchor-this is the basecoat in the system and is made up of protein chains to strengthen the nail. This applies thinner and smoother than many basecoats I've used, and dries quickly. I always am amazed how nicely this applies, because some of my basecoats tend to thicken up after the bottle is about one-third empty, but I have never had that problem with Anchor.

Armor-Zoya's topcoat (with UV block) is designed to protect the nail color while retaining flexibility of the nail and blocking yellowing UV rays. This is not a quick-dry topcoat, but it always dries in a reasonable time for me. It leaves my nails with a glass-like smoothness, and although I have heard some people complain about bubbles, this has never been the case for me.

Hurry Up Speed Dry Drops-as the name implies, this product dries your polish at a much faster rate than it would normally dry. It also is formulated to act as a polish enhancer, keeping the color true and bright for up to 2 weeks when applied over Armor every 2 days. I cannot attest to the enhancer/2 weeks statement, because I rarely leave my polish on more than a day, let alone 2 weeks! I can tell you that it does dry my nails in record time though. I did the manicure pictured above last night, and added the Hurry Up immediately after applying the Armor. I then went straight to bed and took the photos this morning. I took no caution with my hands, picking up one of my dogs, scratching and petting him like I do every night, putting one of my hands under the pillow, scrunching blankets...the usual routine!

*Products furnished by the manufacturer or PR company for review.


  1. I have a question about the speed drops, do you have to drop enough on the nail to completely cover it? Or just a couple drops on the cuticle lien and then the product glides over the nail on its own?

  2. OMG this color takes my breath away! MUST BUY!!

  3. Great review, and I love that color!

  4. I love Colbie. It's such a gorgeous and rich color. Looks lovely on you. I also love Zoya's Remove, it's so gentle and works fast. The problem is the price. The ColorLock system works well. Nice to have it included in the giveaway.

  5. Biba~I don't think I've come across a Zoya shade yet that hasn't impressed me, but this one really 'wowed' me :)

    Jackie S.~yes, you just put a drop at the cuticle. I hold my hand tilted slightly downward when I do it. It's really interesting how it just covers the whole nail really quick!

    PrincessPatti727~isn't it beautiful? I just love the blackened background and the 'glow' factor!

    gildedangel~thank you! It's a beautiful shade.

    Lucy~yes, it is more expensive, but since I use less of it, I imagine it may not be as expensive as it seems, you know?

    SilhouetteScreams~you *need* this color! It's really pretty.