Monday, February 15, 2010

Product Review: Lancome Oscillation Powerfoundation

I am always on the prowl for the perfect product to give my face a flawless finish--not that one actually exists, but some are definitely better than others. I realize that all of the pictures in magazines are touched up significantly, but that doesn't stop me from trying to attain that type of finish with a product. Lancome's Oscillation Powerfoundation is quite impressive to me as far as the product itself is concerned. This mineral foundation with an SPF 21, has buildable coverage, although I personally don't find it necessary to build upon the initial application. The coverage is even (continue reading though, when I say even, that's only when adding an extra step in the application process), natural, non-drying and long-lasting. It gives my skin a dewy look without looking oily, and also adds a slight glow. Keeping in mind that everyone has different experiences with makeup, for me, this gives me an almost airbrushed look that hides pores and imperfections, without creasing or looking cakey.

I mentioned above that I love the product, but I find the application works much better if I apply the product with a Kabuki brush first, then buff the powder in using the oscillating applicator. I have tried to apply the product as the directions say, by picking up the product with the head of the applicator and then pressing the button which starts the oscillating, but I end up with very uneven coverage. It's difficult to get the powder around my nose and eyes effectively, and I find a Kabuki brush places it everywhere it needs to be in a much more even manner. The applicator head seems to be foam underneath, that is then covered with a thin layer of fleece-like material. I can't get the flawless finish with just a Kabuki brush, so I do like the final look the oscillating applicator gives--just not quite the way the instructions say to use it.

All in all, I'm very pleased with this product. It's a little expensive at $48.00, but it compares price-wise to many other products I've tried. I had been using Diorskin Powder Makeup, which retails for $46.00 for the same amount of product (0.28 oz.), but I prefer the lighter feeling of Lancome's. This one takes a little longer for me to apply, but I'm happier with the results.
For reference, my skin type is normal with a slightly oily T-zone. I chose Honey 25 for the shade, and it's a good match for my medium-toned complexion with slight pink undertones.


  1. Thank you for reviewing this product, Mary. I tried the tester at Sephora and I found the the application to be smooth on some areas of my hand and uneven on others. Using the brush in combination with the ocillating applicator sounds like a great idea.

  2. Awesome review. I don't wear foundation, But I do think I should find one that works so on special occasions I can wear it. I love that this has an SPF of 21! That's really awesome!

  3. Thanks, I was wondering how that applicator works! I stopped buying Lancome products some time ago because I really disliked the scent they seemed to put in everything. Does this new foundation have a strong perfume-y scent also?

  4. I am dying to try this foundation! The pricetag makes it a difficult choice tho, thanks for the review!

  5. thanks for this review mary! i probably won't be able to get it because of the price, but it's nice to find the info nevertheless :)

  6. I saw MichellePhan use this in a video the other day, and I'm glad that you've reviewed it. It's nice to hear the opinion of someone who isn't sponsored by the brand :)

  7. I saw MichellePhan use this in a video the other day, and I'm glad that you've reviewed it. It's nice to hear the opinion of someone who isn't sponsored by the brand :)

  8. I saw MichellePhan use this in a video the other day, and I'm glad that you've reviewed it. It's nice to hear the opinion of someone who isn't sponsored by the brand :)

  9. I was dying to try this product. I was also a little leary of buying it. Terrific idea to use the kabuki brush first. Even though I keep buffing I still don't get the beautiful coverage people talk about. I don't have flawless skin so I need good coverage. I a big brown spot and lots of broken capillaries. Also large pores which are hard to cover. Good idea to have something to buff in your makeup better than you could do. I also hate sitting there buffing away. I want quick and good coverage. Problem is I have tons of Bare Escentuals foundation and I do like it but I don't think it gives the best coverage. Now after telling everyone my problems I want to thank you for reviewing this. I trust you much more than anyone from Lancome. Your a friend and not trying to sell me the product.

  10. Diana~you're welcome! I got a very patchy, muddy look using their application instructions and the Kabuki way works much better. It's a great product otherwise.

    Kitty~I only use powder foundations. Try as I might, I can't ever get liquid ones to work on me. It is good about the sunscreen, because I never use one unless it's 'built in' to the product.

    d'Olivia~I don't notice any scent at all with this product. That would make me crazy!

    Kae~it is expensive, but from high end to low end, so far, this is my favorite. I've had some drug store ones that I liked, but I never could get the color matched quite right. This one is perfect on me.

    Kellie~I know, I think part of the price is in the device/applicator. Believe me, if I found something cheaper that I liked as well, I'd be very happy :)

    SilhouetteScreams~I've never seen her videos, I should check them out sometime. I have some Lancome products, but not too many. This is one of the best from their line that I've tried.

    Lucy~this seems to have really good coverage for me without being too heavy. BE irritates my skin, even though I liked how it looks. A never-ending quest to find the perfect powder foundation, but I do like this one.


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