Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Product Review: Bella Sugar Cosmetics

Above & Below: The Zebra eye shadow palette and the tub of shower jellies are the products I'll be reviewing from Bella Sugar Cosmetics. These are some of the prizes included in my Anniversary Contest giveaway.
Above & Below: The eye shadow palettes are hand-painted and come in several different design options. Each palette holds 4 shades and comes with an insert stating the color names.
Below: A macro shot of the colors in my palette. You've got to know that although I'm impressed with the quality and shades of all four colors, Chocolate Covered Blueberries won my heart straightaway! It's a duo chrome!
Below: The back of the palette box shows the ingredients of the shadows.
Below: In all my excitement over these products, I neglected to photograph my jellies, so I 'borrowed' this one from Patricia's site. Not only do they smell good, they look good too! They have tiny flecks of gold shimmer in them and I am holding myself back from getting mine out and just playing with them (think Jello Jigglers!).
Below: The shower jelly ingredient list is printed on the back on the container.
Below: A family portrait of the products and swatches. Click the photo to enlarge the detail. I couldn't capture the true beauty of Chocolate Covered Blueberries, but you can see how it changes from brown, to reddish brown, to a teal/aqua shade. All four of the shadows are highly pigmented and very blendable.
Last week I gave you a little preview of one of the prizes in my Anniversary Contest from a brand new independent cosmetics company, Bella Sugar Cosmetics. I have received my products from the lovely Patricia, who is the mastermind behind these products, so I can now share my thoughts on them with you. She also has a blog with additional swatches and photos that can be found here. Bella Sugar's generous contribution to my prize package includes a $25.00 gift certificate, a tub of Shower Jelly in your scent choice, a 4-pan palette in your design/color choice, and 4 hand-pressed mineral eye shadows in your color shade choice. Now for the review!

Shower Jelly in Basil Citrus: These come in a plastic container and contain between 21 and 24 jellies. Mine are heart shaped and are very jiggly! I used one whole jelly (I use those exfoliating gloves and just squished it into my palms), and I had a delightful shower experience! The scent is strong but not overpowering, and the jelly lathers up very nicely. It rinses clean, but the scent lingers ever so lightly. These left my skin silky soft and feeling very moisturized. I am certain than using just half of a jelly would be more than enough for one shower or bath.

4-Pan Shadow Palette (Zebra pattern): This is a well-built, sturdy palette that measures 3"x3". The designs are hand-painted (they are also available in a solid color), there is a mirror inside, and it has a push button type of opener/latch so it stays secure if your carry it in your bag. They are magnetic so the shadows can be interchanged. I think this is super cute!

Hand-Pressed Mineral Shadows: Oh my, where to start! These shadows are unbelievable. The texture is unlike any of my pressed shadows that I have (powder or mineral), and I probably have several dozen brands to compare them to. They seem softer, yet they are still dense like any pressed powder shadow. Because of their nature, they blend incredibly well. The four I have are all shimmery, but there isn't any fallout like what is normally associated with mineral shadows. I have issues with loose mineral shadows/pigments, so I stay away from them because of the mess I make. I also have some pressed shadows that are minerals, but they don't apply and blend the way these do. I've had mine on for over 14 hours now, and am just starting to see a very slight bit of creasing on my eyelid (I didn't use any shadow primer product). I tight lined with one of them as well, and my eyes are not irritated at all. Simply put, these are some of the best and most interesting shadows I've come across in a long time.
*Products were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. Shower jellies? I just have to try those out. I don't write about it very much, but I am really obsessed with bath and body products!
    And that Chocolate Covered Blueberries is a stunner! I was instantly attracted to that too. It reminds me of one of my favorite Urban Decay shades, Lounge. Do you have that one? I love duochrome e/s! And the swatch is just as pretty as the macro! NEED.

  2. Oh those jellies! I am a bath and body junky!

  3. Im guessing this company isnt related to the Bella Sugar beauty site?

    I looove the look of Hollywood, and Chocolate Covered Blueberries kinda reminds me of Blue Brown by MAC. :) I love that they offer pressed versions of the shadows, I know I was initially hesitant about purchasing mineral makeup because of the potential mess

  4. I am so intrigued by those jellies. Loving that compact and it's so great that it's hand painted. What a neat touch!

  5. Mary this Anniversary Giveaway just keeps getting better and better! I love anything for my shower. Those eyeshadows look really intriguing. Ooh, I hope I win!

  6. Phyrra~you were the first person I thought of when I saw these shadows! You do such nice application :)

    Nicole~I adore bath and body products too! I don't have that UD shade you mentioned. I can't think of any duo chrome shadows I have, other that the Trucco ones, but those don't really work the same way. They're only duo chrome over a black liner.

    Evil Angel~you have no idea how hard I'm trying to restrain myself from just squishing them all! They smell so good though, I keep opening the container and sniffing!

    SilhouetteScreams~no, not related to the other site. I make a huge mess with loose shadows so I too was very pleased to get these. MAC Blue Brown is one of my favorites, and there are similarities.

    Mightly Lambchop~I like the hand-painted feature too, very crafty! The jellies are very cool :)

    Lucy~I'm glad you like everything! I know you'd enjoy everything if you won :)

  7. Do you know what happened to Bella Sugar Cosmetics? They have disappeared from Etsy :( I love their makeup so much but I can't find them anymore.

  8. Anonymous~I have searched and searched for information trying to find out, and I come up empty handed. No activity of Facebook for a long while, Etsy Shop is gone. I know she was considering changing her company name, but it would seem she would have placed that info on her blog to let people know, and there's nothing. I thought she made beautiful quality products, so I'm sorry to see that she is likely not offering them anymore. ~Mary