Saturday, February 13, 2010

Organic Apoteke Prizes Added To My 1st Anniversary Prize Package!

Above & Below: One of the many prizes included in my 1st Anniversary Contest package comes from Organic Apoteke, a premier organic skin care company. I love how they packaged it all up for the winner! Included is a full sized jar of their Rejuvenating Face Mask (a $55.00 value) and a full sized jar of their Sicilian Orange & Mandarin Body Cream (a $58.00 value).
Below: How nice is it that they even sent a little something for me?!!
Organic Apoteke has generously offered to sponsor some wonderful prizes to include in my 1st Year Anniversary Prize package that one lucky winner will receive. I'll be adding more prizes all month, so if you haven't entered yet and would like to, just check out the details in the February Contest box in the right column and send me an eMail. To see the prizes that have been announced so far, you can click on those under each sponsor's name in the Anniversary Sponsors box, also in the upper right corner.

Organic Apoteke is one of the true organic companies out there, having received organic certification on all of their products. There is a science behind the process by which their products work, and you can read more about that here. I first discovered their products when I was doing a focus on organic and natural beauty last year, and having run through the products they sent for my review, I commenced to buy my own supply, because they really do work well, and I appreciate their true organic nature. They are a very high quality line of skin care products, and although they cost more than many other lines, a little product goes a long way and the results are evident very quickly. I consider their products to be very luxurious and they make me feel pampered. I love to indulge in an 'at home' spa experience by using the Detox Face Mask followed by the Rejuvenating Face Mask. My skin looks instantly better after this routine, which I try to do twice a month. I also use the Active Line of their daily skin care products, and this line is one of my top picks for facial skin care. I put my skin through a lot of stress with testing products, and luckily, it handles the changes well. Once in a great while, something doesn't agree with it though, so I always choose Organic Apoteke's products to get it balanced back to normal. There are two natural/organic skin care lines I use and love, and their's is one of them. Their website is an interesting read in organic skin care, so if you have a few minutes, check it out.


  1. That was very sweet of them on both counts.
    Let us know how fabulous your goodies are!

  2. That is so nice that they sent something for you too!! I LOVE all the organic goodies you're getting together for the giveaway! I bet your 'virtual giftbasket' is overflowing at this point!

  3. What a nice company. I love the smell of Sicilian Orange. I can't wait till the contest ends!

  4. I think this product is most suited for sensitive skin since the ingredients is purely organic :D