Monday, February 22, 2010

Newer Green Sinful's: Mint Apple, Rise & Shine

Above & Below: Sinful's Mint Apple shown in various lighting using 2 coats. Scroll down for some comparison bottle pictures.
Below: Surprisingly to me, this is much closer in color to Misa's Dirty Sexy Money than some of the mint greens I have. L-R: Essie Mint Candy Apple, Misa Dirty Sexy Money, Sinful Mint Apple, Barry M Mint, Nicole Hint of Mint.
Below: Bottle comparisons with Sinful Rise & Shine (center) include Color Club Wild Child (left) and China Glaze Four Leaf Clover (right).
Below: Sinful's Rise & Shine shown in various lighting using 2 coats. The formula was rather thick, hence the mess on my index finger's cuticle!
These are 2 of a handful of newer shades that I found on my Walgreen's Sinful display a few weeks back. It seems the newer ones have white labels on the display name section, while the original shades have black labels. I didn't count all of the new ones, but I think there were about 8-10 of them. Both of these appealed to me because I love the green color family and I prefer shimmers (or cremes with small glitter, however you want to define it!) when it comes to pastels and neon-type shades. The application was fine using 2 coats, although the formula on Rise & Shine was rather thick. I've since added thinner to it for my next use. Both of these have small, delicate shimmer/glitter in them, which adds to my love for these shades. Rise & Shine is somewhat of a neon and dried to a satin finish. It's not flat like many neons, but didn't have the usual gloss of a standard polish. Mint Apple is nothing short of divine. It's a darker shade of mint than many others that I've seen, and again, the shimmer adds an additional point of beauty to this one as well. $1.99 well spent!


  1. I keep noticing this one and each time I love it more!! Mint Apple is REALLT pretty and it looks great on you. Your pictures captured the shimmer really nicely!

  2. I haven't seen Rise & Shine yet, but I just picked up Mint Apple, myself. Yay. I love Sinful Colors.

  3. I love mint apple. I did a nail comparison to that with some of my other mint greens if you want to check that out

    I have not seen the other one yet. I will keep my eye out for it.

  4. Love your comparison photos, very helpful! Thanks!

  5. I love both of them and think I should go get them! Hopefully I'll find them :)

    Thanks for the swatches!

  6. I love the Mint Apple, I'll have to pick this one up. Great always :)

  7. I love my Mint Apple! It's pretty, and I love it on you too. I just got Rise and Shine the other day, along with a super pretty hot pink, Cream Pink, that seems to have a gold shimmer in it, did you see that? SC has a bunch of newer greens out. I love them! I had to thin a couple out myself.

  8. I thought Mint Green was pretty (weird name for the shade though) but then I scrolled down and was even more impressed with Rise & Shine :D

  9. I have four new ones. I love Mint Green. I have to find Rise & Shine. Both look fantastic on you. Will I ever get over my obsession with these mint shades?

  10. Brooke~I was really impressed with this. I was afraid the formula might give me problems, but it was perfect. Love the shimmer too!

    Stephanie~I love Sinful's. The only ones that ever gave me issues were some neon ones from a few years back. Streaky and needed multiple coats. Not the case with these, thankfully.

    Crystal Polish~thanks for the link, I'll check it out. With all these mints I keep thinking I don't need this one or that one, but honestly, they're all really quite different from each other.

    nihrida~you're quite welcome! So far none of my mints are really all that similar. I have a few more though, now that I think of it, so I'll have to compare them!

    Nail Fanatic~I think you should get them! Ha-ha, you should be able to find them. I've seen them at several Walgreen's now.

    Polishjunkie~I just love them both. The shimmer is what really does it for me :)

    Nicole~I'm not sure which pink it is, I'll have to take a closer look next time! Glad I'm not alone in my thinning issues. Usually, Sinful's are more on the thin side, so this one surprised me, but no real problem.

    SilhouetteScreams~they both won me over! I was surprised Mint was not actually as 'minty' as I thought, but I like it better being the shade that it is.

    Lucy~you will never get over having to have all mints! It stems from missing out on PPP last year, now you're trying to make up for it. You and me both :)