Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Misa Announcement & Some Older Misa's!

Above & Below: Misa's Pour Me Something Tall & Strong is a bright blue, somewhat of a cross between a Royal blue and a Peacock blue. Misa, in my opinion, has one of the best formulas available on the market. The above photo is under an Ott lamp, while the photo below is with a flash.
Below: One coat of Misa's Candy Girl gives this a totally different look. Candy Girl is a sheer pink with holographic shimmer.

I've been stalking Misa's web site wishing and wondering when they would be coming out with something new, so I gave them a call and have good news! The representative I spoke with said yes indeed, they are coming out with a Spring collection. She commented that "actually, we're coming out with quite a few new ones." She said they were having some vendor issues with the caps, and that quality is very important to them. I can certainly appreciate that, so just knowing they're coming, makes me happy. She said to keep checking the web site and they should be up in the next week or two.

In anticipation of the new Misa's, I thought I would show you a couple of their older ones today. Pour Me Something Tall & Strong--Alan Jackson probably had no idea how many nail polish colors he would influence with that song!--is from the Look on the Bright collection released in 2008. It's a neon that applies unlike any other neon I have. And that is a good thing. The first coat is very thin and watery, but a second coat erases any doubt you may have about how the finish will turn out. The formula is a bit thin, but that is actually an advantage in this case. It dries to a semi matte finish, and I did not use a top coat. I did however, top it off with Misa's Candy Girl, which is a very sheer, almost clear shade filled with tiny holographic shimmer. It is very pretty on it's own if you don't mind the sheerness. The holographic properties are quite strong in this shade, reflecting mainly blues, pinks and violets. If you don't have any polishes from this line, you're missing out on a top quality formula with a range of colors and finishes that are for the most part, extremely unique. So keep stalking their site and hopefully they'll show up soon. Who else is excited about the new Misa's?


  1. *raises hand & waves it like crazy*
    I love Misa, and wow! So excited to hear there will be some newbies soon!

  2. Woohoo!
    I'm so excited!
    Oh and that is a beautiful blue on you Mary!

  3. Yay, thanks for the good news Mary! I was wondering the very same thing, not even a week ago. I love that color, but I think you just made it even better with the layering! Gorgeous.

  4. Ooh, absolutely am excited about Misa coming out with new collections! Especially since I've only just started getting into them (just a bit over two months ago with last year's Living On The Fast Lane collection). I can't wait to see what Misa pretties I'll be buying next!

  5. I adore that polish. Looks gorgeous on you. I believe I have this shade. I have to check in my book. It's such a beautiful shade of blue. I'm also thrilled that Misa is coming out with some new shades. I love their bottle shape and size. Also the formula. Candy Girl is really pretty. I've never seen this one before.

  6. I'm thrilled to hear that! YAY! I just discovered Misa last year!

  7. That colour is beautiful on its own, but is CRAZY pretty with Candy Girl over the top O_O

  8. I adore Misa. I'm wearing Foxy Folksy today. Embroidered Emerald is a top 10 as is Dance Fever!
    I WANT Dirty Sexy Money.
    I love every Misa I have. They are fantastic quality and ludicrously cheap for what they are!
    Excited about new shades? That's a YES.

  9. That is a beautiful combination!

  10. Ashley~me too! Although I did see them this morning on MisaMasa's website and they're not quite as exciting as I'd hoped! I'm still happy that they're coming out with some new ones though :)

    Evil Angel~glad everyone else is excited too! Yes, this is a lovely blue, one of my favorites.

    Nicole~I wish you could see Candy Girl over this in real life. It looks 100x prettier than the pictures!

    Silver DIva~I absolutely adore their formula. And they have some totally unique shades, but the formula is top notch.

    Lucy~yes, I forgot to mention how much I love their bottle shape also. Candy Girl is a great transforming-type polish. It's really pretty.

    beautyjudy~aren't they great? One of my favorite lines, I just wish they came out with new collections more often.

    SilhousetteScreams~as I told Nicole above, this one in real life is just unbelievable. Love it :)

    jaljen~yes, very reasonably priced, something else I forgot to mention in my excitement!

    gildedangel~it's a great blue and Candy Girl works with anything!