Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maybelline Minty (brush fail!)

Above: Maybelline Minty is not among my favorite mint shades, which may be due to the lack of quality control on the brush itself. I used 3 coats on this creme shade and it looks a mess!
Below: You can see the mess that the brush made, even after 3 coats. The formula was a bit thick, so it didn't even out the brush streaks. My skin isn't really that red, I think it's the lighting.
Below: The culprit was really the brush, much more so than the formula. Nice quality control, Maybelline!
Below: Bottle comparisons with some of the other Mint green shades I have L-R: Sinful Mint Apple, Barry M Mint, Jessica Cloud Mine, Maybelline Minty (devil brush!), American Apparel Office, Essie Mint Candy Apple, China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, Nicole Hint of Mint. Click to enlarge photo, but in my opinion, Minty falls in between Office, which is a bit more muted, and Mint Candy Apple, which is ever so slightly lighter.
Even though Goody Plum Drop applied nicely for me yesterday, I can't say the same for one of the other shades from Maybelline's Spring LE collection. Minty, although a nice shade, was rather disastrous upon application. The formula itself wasn't too bad, although it was a little on the thick side. I ended up having to go with 3 coats instead of my preferred 2, but the real problem was in the cut of the brush. I seldom do any clean-up, but was forced to on this shade, and it's still rather a mess around the cuticles. It was quite streaky after the first coat, but that could be from the poor quality of the brush. I did some comparison bottle pictures for those of you trying to locate this one, and I wouldn't say it's an exact dupe to anything I have, although it is close to a few of them. Other than the brush issue, which ruined everything for me, it's just 'okay'. Nothing terribly unique in the mint green realm, but it is what I would call a true mint--not too blue, not too green. Damn brush!


  1. That brush is horrible! I went to Sally's to inquire about the Refresh-Mint and they took me to the back where they had it still in the box. I love it! But it does make my hands look red too! Scrangie posted a pic on her blog of that lobster guy from Futurama. It must do that to everyone!

  2. Wow, look at that brush! I hate when you have to struggle with a brush like that. What a PITA Mary!

  3. ITA about the brush issue. I had a hard time painting Pie in the Sky with that brush...

  4. I absolutely hate the brushes that Maybelline uses for their nail polishes. I bunch of the Maybelline polishes I bought from Dollar Tree have the crappiest brush! If it weren't for me liking the colors so much, I would have chunked them in the trash.

  5. What a terrible brush! It's a crying shame because it looks like a pretty color.

  6. What a shame. I like the color but who needs crap brushes. I wonder if you complained to Maybelline would they do anything? I love all those minty greens.

  7. What a crappy brush >_< though you still did a neater job than I have ever done!

  8. It looks pretty, but yeah I've never really been a fan of the Maybelline polishes. Revlon's are a much better quality for the same price IMO.

  9. I think the green brings out the red in your skin tone.
    I actually have a green cover-up in that same tone for if I get a red coloured blemish on my face, the green mutes it out and you cover it with your regular foundation. I guess it's the oposite in this case, if it's around your peach skin tone, the pale green might bring out the pink in your skin.
    <.< It's such a pretty nail polish though. Maybe a few drops of acetone or nail polish thinner might help the application, or a different brush!

  10. Hi Mary--
    thank for posting this. I have been lemming this like crazy and looking for it all over. Now I don't feel sad that I can't find it.

  11. Wow, your mint collection is pretty impressive...

    I have minty as well and it does the same thing to my skin (makes it look red)...

  12. Bella Sugar Cosmetics~the brush totally ruined it for me. I've heard from many people that this shade makes their hands look red, very strange!

    Nicole~I'm afraid to even try the other 2 shades I bought! At least Goody Plum Drop was nice.

    Loreena~seems like a lot of people are having issues with some of these shades, mainly due to the brush. I couldn't figure out what the problem was until I looked very closely at the brush.

    Angie~they are pretty to look at all lined up!

    nikita~I agree with you. They're not all bad, but a number of them are, I find.

    gildedangel~it is a great shade of Mint, but I'm too lazy to decant it into another bottle with a better brush :)

    Lucy~I don't know if they'd do anything. I kind of doubt it, but you never know. It's a nice color otherwise!

    SilhouetteScreams~I was getting so frustrated, because I really do like this shade!

    butters1984~yes, never had a problem like this with Revlon. I just wish they'd come out with some new shades.

    Rhea~I know, sad isn't it? It's a nice shade.

    Skulda~I tried the thinner, to no avail. The brush is the culprit, for sure! About the red, you're right. I forgot about how correctors are often green. Interesting.

    Maria~for all the trouble the brush causes, it's not worth it. Especially when there are so many other similar mints out there.

    Citrine~I think I have more, those are just the ones that were near the front of the collection! I'm a sucker for mints :)

  13. I just got this today, I was excited cause I have been dying to find a mint nail polish. The brush really is crap. I tried it on one nail. Revlon also came out with a mint polish for their spring collection called minted which I was initially looking for and their brushes are actually good.