Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maybelline Goody Plum Drop (with sprinkles on top!)

Above & Below: Goody Plum Drop is such a pretty shade of lavender, and the subtle shimmer is a nice delicate touch. I used 2 coats and although the formula was a little on the thick side, it caused no problems.
Below: The sprinkles on top are Chelly Cosmetics Shade #83 Rainbow Sparks, a clear polish filled with tiny multi colored holographic glitter. Read more below about where I got this polish.
Yesterday's Friday Follower Freebie contains 4 of Maybelline's LE Spring shades, and I wanted to check mine out too! You can still enter the FFF until midnight tonight. Goody Plum Drop is a medium lavender shade that appears to be a creme, but upon closer inspection, it has very fine added bonus to me, because pastel cremes are not always my favorite. I love the looks of them, but I sometimes have application issues with them. This shade applied nicely in 2 coats and dried quickly. I love the subtle shimmer and the color itself reminds me of my Lilac bushes blooming in the Spring. We are still getting lots of snow, so this shade makes me happy and gives me hope.

Speaking of happy--thrilled, elated and touched beyond words would be more like it--yesterday I received a FedEx package from someone for no reason other than because she wanted to. She has purchased Massini polishes from me several times and we've chit-chatted a bit in eMails about our love of nail polish. She sent me the sweetest note and the items she sent were all perfect for me. She took the time to wrap everything so neatly and attach little notes to each item. The fact that she took the time out of her life to do something like this means so much to me. That's where the Chelly polish pictured above came from. Brooke posted about this brand yesterday and I'd never heard of it, but thought they looked very interesting. Then this package showed up with a couple of them, along with many other wonderful items. I'll do a post about everything she sent soon, but it just shows once again how kind the people in our nail polish community are. As I told her, it's people and acts like this that restore my faith in humanity, especially in this sometimes sad and destructive world in which we live. Isn't it amazing how some pretty colors and a simple act of kindness can do that?


  1. Very pretty purple color. Great for spring time

  2. wow, i love the purple with the "sprinkles" on top. it would be a great combo for easter, light and very pretty. i've never heard of the chelly polishes either. it was so nice of your friend to send you a surprise goody box!! it's the sweet things like that, taking the time to hand write and wrap little "treasures", that prove there is still some kindness left in this world... as you mentioned above. xo

  3. Very pretty with the sprinkles on top. I would love to see some lilacs! I love the smell of them. We used to have a big bush of lilacs when I lived at home. I cut masses of the flowers and had them all over the house. I ended up in the emergency room with a severe reaction to them. I had to have an adrenaline shot because I couldn't breathe. Never knew I was allergic to them. I now look at them from afar. What wonderful friends and also makes me happy to hear about your package. I think it's pretty wonderful what all of you Ladies of the Blogs giveaway just for anniversaries and Followers. Your all sweet, kind and wonderful.

  4. I have loved all the swatches of this I've seen, so pretty! My area is pretty behind in getting polishes; these Maybellines are still not here yet. Can't wait until they are, I'm snagging a couple!
    Looks really pretty with the topping! And how sweet of her to do that for you. I am totally with you, I have met some of the kindest, most generous folks doing this. It gives me such joy. You're one of those nice ladies, Mary. HUGS.

  5. That was very sweet of her to send you a package! Also, I liked your swatches so much, I went out and bought this np!

  6. what a nice glitter polish and the lilac is bang on trend at the mo it seems to be bloged about alot :)

  7. This is such a pretty purple, and it looks even better with the sparkles. And that is so sweet about the package ^_^

  8. I would never have picked this shade up, much less noticed it in the display, and what a shame that would've been. It's swoony!

    And thank you and your generous friend so much for the Chelly introduction and link! $1.99 for dozens of amazing colors! I love bargain nail polish (NOTD is Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Pacific Blue-won right here on this blog! -with a layer of Petites Dare over it). One of the reasons I heart your blog so much is the variety of brands and price points.

  9. Twister~it really is perfect for Spring. Love it!

    crystal~I really like this shade and the Chelly on top just adds to it! I totally agree with you, the personal touch she made with the little notes and careful packaging was just to nice.

    gildedangel~I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I love it!

    Lucy~no wonder you have to admire them from afar! That's a shame though, because they smell so good! There are some wonderful people in this crazy hobby of ours, including yourself!

    Nicole~they are pretty shades from Maybelline, especially this one. The others are cremes and I don't do cremes very well! Agreed, many , many kind people we've met through all of this. And you are most definitely included in that!

    Loreena~she's a very nice person! So glad I could influence you to spend money~ha-ha! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    charmed-chick~isn't that a pretty glitter? Yes, these pastels are huge this Spring and we're seeing them everywhere :)

    SilhouetteScreams~I am still just really happy about the package she sent, so sweet of her really. And I can't wait to try more out from Chelly.

    rotarygirl~I really love this one, but like I said, it's the shimmer. If it were a creme, I don't think I'd like it quite as well! I know, I'm going to get some more of the Chelly polishes, they're great! I'm glad you enjoy my blog :)