Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Massini Spring 2010

Above & Below: Massini's Spring 2010 collection consists of 6 cremes (above) and 3 glitters (below). Above L-R: Honey Love, Jade, Sweet Dreams, Frenzy, Whose That Girl, Shy Girl. The glitters below L-R: Crystal Glitter (Bishop Weed is to the right shown as a dupe), Pink Glitter (one of the Japanese glitters shown on the right is a dupe, but mine has no name label), and Blue Glitter (which I believe is a dupe as well. More on dupes below!).
Below: Rebel Debutante appears to be identical to Jade.
Massini's newest collection for Spring is filled with 6 pastel cremes and 3 sheer glitters. It's a very pretty palette of shades for the season, although there are several Color Club dupes (both Color Club & Massini are manufactured by the same company, Forsythe Cosmetics). Of the 3 glitters, I believe Blue Glitter is the only one that isn't a dupe to one of Color Club's Japanese glitters released a few months back, but it could be a dupe of Si Vous Please from the Pardon My French collection. I don't have this collection, so I can't confirm that. The other 2 glitters definitely look similar enough to be considered the same.

The cremes also appear to match some other Color Clubs, but the only one I have to confirm that about is Rebel Debutante. Whose That Girl looks very similar to Take Me To Your Chateau from the Pardon My French collection, and Pucci-licious from the Poptastic collection appears quite similar to Frenzy. I don't have Poptastic, so I can't confirm that either. There are some shades in this new Massini collection that are new to me, so all is not lost. Confusion is setting in trying to determine which ones may be dupes, but I do find it a little frustrating when companies rename polishes, especially within the same brand line (Color Club's Poptastic, for example).


  1. They're both made by Forsyth(e?), aren't they? They did that with Rebel Deb. and Twiggie, too. I can't figure it out. I have Take Me to Your Chateau, and it does look a lot like Whose That Girl, just judging from your bottle pictures!

  2. I got excited about the glitters until I saw they were dupes! Shucky darn!!

  3. Thank goodness that those glitters are dupes. I know I don't need one more glitter but still I love them. Those cremes look gorgeous.

  4. I cant tell if its great or crappy that theyre so dupable. I loooove the look of Jade and Frenzy though.

  5. Nicole~yes, the same manufacturer. I have a list somewhere of the duplicates, but not sure where it is!

    gildedangel~it really is a pretty display with the shades!

    Brooke~only the one is a little different. It actually has a blue tint to it, although it's showing white in my photo.

    Lucy~I really like their bottles too. Stupid reason to have a dupe, but you know me!

    SilhouetteScreams~well, it's good for some people who don't have access to one or the other brand, I guess.