Friday, February 19, 2010

Last Port of Call for BB Couture Hands of Hope!

Just a reminder that the BB Couture Hands of Hope collection will be leaving the port, never to return after today. This special collection was introduced last month as a tribute to the beautiful island nation of Haiti, and as a fund raising effort to aid them in rebuilding their lives after the devastating earthquake. 25% of all sales from these polishes (you can buy the set for $49.98 or individually for $9.00) will go to the Salvation Army as they assist Haiti in their efforts. As a special incentive to reach their goal, Overall Beauty is offering free shipping on all BB Couture orders (US only) until midnight tonight. Now is the time to get some shades you've been wanting, and help out a good cause at the same time. Scroll through my BB Couture posts here and check out not only the Hands of Hope polishes, but other BB Couture colors too.


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I'm trying to decide which shades from this collection to get. The free shipping lured me in, and Kim's customer service is top notch too.

  2. I love all of these and so great of the company to donate money for Salvation Army :) Would buy everyone if I could :D

  3. I already ordered all of these, the possibility to actually help people by doing my favorite thing (buy polish) was too great to pass on. The best excuse I ever had to add to my collection ;-)

  4. Mine was ordered immediately. Great combination to buy polish and help someone. I agree that it's the best excuse to buy polish.

  5. Jennifer~Kim is awesome! I really liked all of the shades in this collection, so I hope you love whatever ones you get!

    rijaH~yes, every little bit helps and I personally think the Salvation Army was a great choice.

    PolishPig~indeed! No excuse needed in this case :)

    Lucy~completely agree! They're beautiful colors for a good cause.