Saturday, February 20, 2010

Juice Beauty Joins My Anniversary Celebration!

I'm adding another prize to the goodies that one winner will receive for my Anniversary Contest! Juice Beauty has generously provided a full-sized bottle of their Cleansing Milk and their Hydrating Mist (6.75 oz.) to add to my Anniversary prize package (a $44.00 value). Also included, is a sample size jar of the Green Apple Peel for sensitive skin. Juice Beauty's products are made with certified organic ingredients, and they start with a base of organic fruit juices. This makes the final product up to 95% total organic content, the highest among skin care. For more information on their ingredients, you can check out this page on their web site. Their product range covers everything from cleansers, toners, moisturizers, lip balms, men's skin care, and more.

Today I'll be reviewing the Green Apple Peel for sensitive skin. This product is designed to be used once a week and provides gentle exfoliation for the skin. After cleansing, I apply a moderate layer to my towel-dried face and neck. After leaving the product on for for about 10 minutes, I then rinse thoroughly. While the product is in place, it feels very cool and refreshing. I never experience any tingling, although with hydroxy-acid products, that could be a possibility. After cleansing my face, the skin is left soft, supple and radiant. It does make my face a bit pink for a about an hour, but it's nothing drastic. The improvement to my skin is noticeable for almost an entire week, and because my skin is oily in the T-zone, I appreciate the fact that it seems to control that area. I notice that any shine that normally starts to appear half-way through the day, is diminished quite a bit the first couple of days after I use this peel. Using environmentally-friendly products makes me feel better not only for myself, but also for the world in which we live...especially when they work this well!

If you haven't entered my Anniversary Contest yet, you can view the prizes that have been announced so far in the upper right corner. Just below that in the February Contest box, you can read the details on how to enter. One winner will receive all of the products, valued at over $400.00. Many thanks for Juice Beauty for joining in my anniversary celebration!


  1. I like this brand a lot. I've been using the Green Apple Peel for sensitive skin and the Blemish Clearing Serum for a while and so far, so good!

  2. Lara~I have been very ahppy with their products. It seems to work well and my skin likes it.

  3. I love Juice Beauty! The Green Apple Peel is truely amazing! I use it twice a week and it just makes my skin feel so soft. Love it!