Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Classic Revlon: Cherries in the Snow

Above & Below: Revlon Cherries in the Snow shown using 2 coats. The Ott light photo above shows the true color, while the photo below with a flash brings out the slight Fuchsia tones.
This shade from Revlon is one of my favorite classic colors. It has withstood the test of time as a true classic, having been launched by Revlon in their beginnings, back in the 1930's. This shade has a hint of fuchsia to it, but does indeed look like cherries with it's primary red color. This is my third bottle of this shade over the years, and every time I use it, I'm reminded of how beautiful it is. 2 coats, a fantastic formula and a beautiful shade. Who says new is better?

As much as I like this older shade, I'm hoping to see something new from Revlon for Spring. I've always loved their polishes, both the older ones and the newer ones. I heard they were coming out with pastels this Spring--how unusual!--but I've yet to find anything.


  1. Yay, I love Revlon too. My favorite Revlon color is Raven Red. Also a classic!

  2. I used to wear this one every year at Christmas time :) I loved the name. It looks beautiful on you.

    I agree, I hope Revlon comes out with something exciting this season. I feel like lately all of their colors just seem to be repeats of colors I already own - not that those are bad, but I want something new to get excited about!

  3. It's a beautiful color! I still love my old Revlon polishes they had some great colors and hopefully new favorites coming.

  4. I love Revlon Polish! This is my sons' fav red! I hope they come out With pastels, that would be awesome!

  5. I own this polish and it is really fantastic! I also love the brush on revlons. Nice and thin so you can do really neat application.

  6. Do you have trouble with drying time? I inherited a couple from an aunt who didn't care for them and the orange just takes ages. Might just need some thinner but I thought I'd ask!

  7. Looks like a great color and a great brand.

  8. I have a question, what is an Ott light? Up here winters are so icky that I can never get sunlight pics, so any info on a light that can show true colour would be wonderful.

  9. I love all the scented revlons :)

  10. Oh, how I wish I could get Revlon's Windsor polish again. And Misty Lilac. Sigh.

  11. ooh, pretty! Isn't this also a Revlon lipstick color?

  12. Anonymous~I'll have to check that one out. They definitely make some fantastic shades :)

    Brooke~a great color for the Holidays! It does seem like they've had the same things out, I agree...other than the fruity ones last year.

    Netty's World~glad you like it! The application was really nice too.

    Evil Angel~I always get so excited when I find an old one somewhere--ha-ha!

    gildedangel~I agree, a beautiful shade!

    kittyluvscolor~if they do come out with pastels, I'm hopeful about the formula. I have problems applying pastel cremes, and Revlon always has a great formula.

    Rebecca~yes, one of my favorite drug store polishes for that reason!

    SalvagedExpression~I haven't had drying issues with Revlon, but every now and again it does happen I'm suyre. I'd try a bit of thinner to revive it, can't hurt!

    Nienna~I just wish they'd bring out some more shades! Seems they've been slowing down lately.

    PerryPie~Ott lights were designed with crafters in mind, but they work great for nail fanatics too! The light shows the true color of the object, so it's great for photographing when there's no sun. Joann Fabrics carries them and you can always find a 40% or more off coupon in their weekly sales guide.

    rmcandlelight~that was a great collection!

    Anonymous~they had some wonderful older shades that I wish I could get my hands on!

    Euridice~yes, it is a lipstick shade also. I think there's also a similar gloss, Cherries in the Glow.

  13. i keep looking at this one everytime i glance at revlon's polishes, and then putting it back. i think i may need to actually purchase it now!

  14. Thanks for the info! So is an Ott light a brand or is it a thing? I live up in Canada so I'm going to check different crafting stores.

  15. That's a very gorgeous red that you have on! Red can easily make a woman feel confident & very good about herself.

  16. I used to own many Revlon's when I was a teenager. That was as expensive as I could get then. I always loved their formula. I just started using Revlon again. My favorite red of all time is Revlon Red. My girlfriend Linda has used Cherries in the Snow lipstick for a very long time. Looks terrific on her. On me it doesn't look the same. I should buy the polish for her. Looks fabulous on you.

  17. Miss Patel~thanks! It's a great color that should be in everyone's stash!

    nirfreak03~it's a very nice shade, but more importantly, the formula on this one is excellent. And it has a long history behind it, so it's good all the way around.

    Perrypie~yes, Ott is the brand and they're called Ott lamps. Google them and it'll make more sense! Definitely check out craft stores, they should carry them.

    Garland~thank you! Yes, red is a definite confidence builder :)

    Lucy~Revlon's were about all I had back then also. But they're still good! I have the Super Lustrous gloss in Cherries in the Glow, which is close, but not the same as the lipstick exactly.