Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BB Couture Disco Lady & Diamond Dust

Above: BB Couture Disco Lady is a vivid shade of Cornflower blue--almost an Electric Cornflower color, with tiny aqua glitter. The glitter shifts colors in the light and I caught a glimpse of pink and gold glitter in there as well. This is shown using 2 coats.
Below: I added one coat of BB Couture Diamond Dust, which is designed to be used as a top coat over other polish colors. In the bottle, the glitter appears to be mostly a pale gold shade, but over Disco Lady, it was a slightly holographic glitter, with turquoise being the main color. I'm looking forward to using Diamond Dust over some other darker polishes.
In an effort to reduce the number of untried's I have, today I'll show you BB Couture Disco Lady, which is from their recently released Disco Ball collection. I also added Diamond Dust as a top coat, which after trying it out, makes me wonder why I waited so long! As I mentioned yesterday, one of the prizes in my Anniversary Contest is the winner's choice of 3 BB Couture polishes from Overall Beauty. I'll try and get through the rest of my untried BB Couture polishes this month, so you can see some more swatches of what they have to offer if you're the lucky winner!
Speaking of the Anniversary Contest, I've got to tell you--the comments in the eMails you all are sending me with your entries are so enjoyable for me to read! I am thoroughly enjoying what you're writing, and so appreciate your kind words.


  1. What a lovely blue colour. Love how it looks with the Diamond Dust polish over the top!

  2. The diamond dust is gorgeous over that blue!

  3. I love the cornflower blue shade. Pretty ;)

  4. That is a beautiful combination!

  5. I always love a good blue polish, but your photos are so addicting and beautiful, now I'll have to add Disco Lady to my list of must have polishes. Thank you for another wonderful post!

  6. WOW! This is a fabulous vivid blue. Gorgeous!!

    I have nominated you for the Best Blog Award---I'm sure Im not the only one! http://tinyurl.com/yeokwt

  7. Kelly~I love this shade, totally different from any other I have. The Diamond Dust will be getting a lot of experimental use!

    DistantDreamer~yes, it just intensified the glitter effect! Can't wait to try it over other shades.

    Phyrra~I thought it might be a Royal blue by looking at the bottle, but I love the hint of Cornflower (my favorite crayon color!).

    gildedangel~I think it's pretty too, just a subtle add-on of glitter :)

    Cyan~happy to add to your wish list! I was really happy to see how pretty this looked 'on'.

    Euridice~thank you so much!

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  9. I'm not a big fan of blue, but it looks great on you. :-)

  10. Disco Lady is a beautiful shade on you. Love that Diamond Dust. I ordered that whole collection because of Disco Lady. That cornflower blue is gorgeous. I love BB Couture polishes.