Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anniversary Prizes Added: Bella Sugar Cosmetics!

The latest prize addition to my Anniversary Contest comes from a brand new company, Bella Sugar Cosmetics. In addition to the other prizes already revealed, the winner will also receive a $25.00 gift certificate, a tub of Shower Jelly in your choice of scents, and a 4-pan palette in your design choice complete with 4 hand-pressed mineral eye shadows in your choice of shades. Read more below about this great new company and their products!
As most of you know, my blog is celebrating its 1st Anniversary this month and I have been adding prizes all month long, which will end with one winner receiving all of the prizes. All entries must be received by 2/28/10 at midnight. For a look at the sponsors and prizes, just check out the box in the upper right corner, and the entry details just below the box.

The prizes I'm adding today are from a brand new company, Bella Sugar Cosmetics. Patricia, the owner of this small business, has recently set up shop on Etsy, and will soon be moving to her own domain ( She also has a new blog which focuses on her products, and she is starting to post some color swatches of her mineral shadows. I am very excited about this for a number of reasons--Patricia has been a follower of my blog for quite a while, so I was happy when she contacted me and wanted to participate in my giveaway. When I checked out her site and her products, my excitement started to build. As I mentioned, she is new and starting out small, but she has already added several new items over the past week and has many more to add. Personally, I think it's best to start small and focus on the product quality, which is exactly what she's doing. My products are on their way so I can't comment or review them for you until I receive them. However, from what she tells me and the photos I'm seeing, I don't think I will be disappointed.

Her products at this time include mineral eye shadows, shower jellies, and 4-pan eye shadow palettes (which are magnetic and also fit MAC shadows). She will be adding more bath and body products, eye liners and glitters. One of the things I'm excited about, is that her mineral shadows are hand pressed, rather than loose (and she also mixes custom shades!). As much as I love the look of loose mineral shadows, I make a huge mess applying them. I have a drawer filled with various brands of pigments and loose mineral shadows that I use solely for frankening nail polish now, because I gave up trying to use them on my eyes! Just take a look at Golden Leaf and Army Gold. Are those gorgeous or what? The palettes, which are hand-painted, can be purchased empty or with shadows, and come in 3 designs, zebra, pink and leopard. I chose the zebra and I can't wait to see it. Her shower jellies are available in 11 different scents, so you're sure to find one you love. My excitement doesn't end with her quality standards, the shades, the scents and the packaging. Patricia loves cosmetics and bath and body products as much as we all do, but her first love is nail polish. The thought that popped into my head when I first saw the 2 eye shadow shades I linked above was, "Wow, would those make beautiful nail polish shades!" Now I'm not saying she will, and I'm not saying she won't...but if I were you, I'd bookmark her site and check back frequently. Because I'd almost be willing to bet my entire nail polish collection that she'll be adding nail polish to her line-up one of these days.


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  2. wow, i just checked out her site,she's got amazing swatches!

  3. id be so so jealous of whoever wins this ><

  4. Sounds awesome :D I'll definitely check out her stuff

  5. I love that you are posting a bit more information about each "sponsor" of your anniversary celebration. This is a company to watch.

  6. Yay!! So glad to see my friend's company on another website. She does such amazing work.

  7. Each addition to your gifts are more exciting. I really like that you also give the background of each company. I'll have to check out BellaSugar. I have read the blog before.

  8. Rhea~I am dying to get what she's sending me! The photos on her site are beautiful.

    London's-beauty~it could be you! I'm going to review what she's sending me and I am quite certain I'll love it :)

    SilhouetteScreams~I always like to support the smaller, independent companies and I truly believe her products are going to be just as nice as they look on her site.

    Elizabeth~I totally agree that I think she'll be a success. Glad you like to read about the companies--I'm big on research and learning, and I know my posts get a little involved sometimes, but I think there's more to a company than just their pictures!

    Firecracker4~her products certainly look amazing and she is great to work with!

    Lucy~this is not the same as the BellaSugar blog--totally unrealted, I believe. Glad you like all of the prizes!