Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Updates: Up & Away Contest Deadline, New & Old Bloggers, and more!

That's my 'Tower of Shame' photo, because I'm a little ashamed to have gotten this many American Apparel polishes! These arrived a couple of days ago, but really, I have no shame because I had a gift card and 15% off, as well as free shipping. I'm excited to start swatching these because the shades are not your usual pink and reds, but rather a diverse selection of colors that you don't always see. If there are any that you would like to see first, just leave me a note in the comments section.

I had a couple of things I wanted to mention...I keep a list of thoughts and ideas for my blog and the list is getting rather long, so here are some of those thoughts...if you haven't already entered the January giveaway, the deadline is fast approaching. One winner will receive the entire China Glaze Up & Away set and the deadline for entries is January 8. Check out the 'January Contest' box in the upper left corner for details. The Friday Follower Freebie contest I introduced last month has proved to be very popular. For those of you who have eMailed me about missing the deadline due to late receipt of the post in you eMail subscription or feed, worry no more! Beginning this Friday, I'll change the entry deadline from Fridays at midnight, to Saturdays at midnight. I really enjoy thinking up which products to include that I think would appeal to everyone, so thank you for playing along with me!

The other items I wanted to mention involve blogging. I follow well over 120 blogs and because I'm lazy and busy, I often neglect to add a blog to my blog roll when I add it to my reader. I try to go through my blog roll every couple of months and delete those who haven't posted in 2-3 months, so if you'd like your blog added to my blog roll, which is a great way to gain more exposure by being listed on other blogs, please don't hesitate to send me an eMail or leave a comment below, and I'll be happy to add you. Along those lines, I receive many eMails from new bloggers looking for advice on how to let other nail fanatics know that they have a blog. It makes me feel bad that they're getting discouraged because no one know they're out there. One way that helped me tremendously when I first started my blog, was that unbeknownst to me, Brooke from Getcha Nails Did made a post about a contest I was having. I didn't know Brooke at the time, nor did I realize that she was a champion for all bloggers, both old and new. She graciously posts "New Blogs on the Block" weekly, so send an eMail her way if you'd like her to announce you, and experience the power that is Brooke!

Continuing that idea, is a thought I've had for a while now to invite guest bloggers to my blog. If you're a blogger of nails or beauty products of any kind and would be interested in doing a guest post, please send me an eMail and we'll get to work on it. Even if you're not a blogger and you'd just like to share your nails or Face of the Day with us, you're more than welcome. While we're at it, even the big name bloggers, polish creators (Essie and Suzi, I'm talking to you!), and celebrity manicurists are welcome! I'm sure I'll get lots of responses from all of them~ha-ha! I think this would be a fun way to get to know each other better, as well as giving some exposure to those of you looking to grow your presence in the blogging community. I haven't accomplished too much in this life of mine without the help of others along the way, so if I can help any of you out, just let me know. The kindness of the blogging community has always impressed me tremendously, and I'm just happy to be a part of it.


  1. It was very thoughtful of you, Mary. Thank you!

  2. Wow, you're so absolutely kind and thoughtful. I love it when I find an established blogger who is so generous and hasn't forgotten her blogger roots! :)

  3. It is totally true that this is discouraging to keep on blogging when you feel like you aren't interesting anyone or so few. Hard to be noticed among everyone already blogging. I do feel slightly discouraged!...

    Beside, Mary those polishes are great. Great selection of colors. Will you make swatches?

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  5. That is really awesome of you Mary!! You're a kind soul.

    For your American Apparel polishes, the colours (shades?) that look the most interesting to me issss.. the pink shade top right, the peachy-nude bottom left, and the "Robins Egg" blue bottom 3rd from left.

    Cannot wait to see the swatches!! (Edit: Sorry I deleted my last comment - totally made a mistake on my lefts and rights. Ugh)

  6. That is so nice of you Mary! I can still remeber me beign new to all this blogging and I apreciate all your help! :) I am so glad there are so many nail polish blog, I never get bored, there is always something nice to read.

  7. this is very thoughtful of you. I would love to be added to your blog roll.

  8. Wow, what a haul - that looks like an interesting collection of polishes. I'm drawn to the taupe (middle row) and the 2 green shades on the bottom row. And I'd love for you to add my blog to your blogroll, thanks for the offer!

  9. I reeeeeeeeally wanna see that yellow!

  10. I am so excited about this line! I think this is an amazing way to launch your brand. Tons of weird colors not just a million pinks and reds!

  11. I'd love to be on your blog roll!Everyone in the nail polish blogging community seem sooooo lovely - it's so awesome to witness it and get involved. I've recently started blogging (mine's a mixture of nails & ramblings) and I am totally in awe of all you ladies that have been here some time and are making the time to leave comments, or support the new ones. HATS OFF TO YOU!!!
    Also - I entered your China Glaze giveaway (very cool), do I need to do anything to enter the Friday giveaways? Or is being a follower give you auto entry?

  12. your so kind and giving Mary
    And i loveeeee your new polishes such pretty different colours

  13. Love all the giveaways you've been having, you're so generous! And the American Apparel polishes look great! I can't wait until you swatch them, I hope the American Apparel stores in Canada sells them =]

    I'd love to be on your blog roll =D & I'm crossing my fingers for the China Glaze Up & Away giveaway!! I've never tried China Glaze, nor could I find it in my area at Toronto =[ So if I win, it would totally make my year! =P

  14. its so sweet of you to help others...i'm sure it will come back to you tenfold ^^
    i second the request for the taupe in the middle also haha~

  15. I love the AA polishes, great coverage without a ton of work. And you can Konad with them too!

  16. I would like to see the dark blue (?) on the top left! Looks interesting. I don't know this brand so I'd love to see the swatches!

    I have a blog:

    It would be great if you would ad me to your blogroll! You have been on mine since I started.

  17. Regarding the American Apparel nail polishes, I would love to see the 3 blues and 2 greens first! I have been waiting since they were first announced to see swatches of them. :)

  18. Well Mary, I'd like to see the whole bottom row! They look like the polishes I bought from Neiman Marcus online. They came in an acrylic box and were expensive. They had unusual colors somewhat like these. I told you that your an angel and I'm not the only one who thinks so. I feel awful that I can't keep up with all of the nail blogs. There are getting to be so many that it's impossible. I have a few foreign ones that I read but the majority are US blogs. I had to cut out the foreign blogs for a start. I really enjoy reading the blogs and I love to encourage the people who are writing. I think everyone needs some love and encouragement in this life. I wish something like this was available when I was a teenager. I would probably have had 2 blogs. One for makeup and one for nails. Maybe 3, one for my love of the Beatles. So for now I'll stick to reading. If I blogged I'd never get to do anything else. Bad enough I'm hooked on Facebook games right now and that's taking away time from this. Love ya Mary, you are still my angel. I've met many angels reading these blogs. I'm proud of all of you and love you all.

  19. Hi Mary!

    You follow me but I would love to be added to your blog roll! my blog is


  20. Hi Mary! You are so sweet to think of all the bloggers, new and old. I know I'm just starting out, but could you add me to your blogroll? My blog is

    Your blog is one of the blogs that inspired me to start my own and I check in on yours often.

    OMG, could I be any more repetitive with the word "blog?" lol

  21. Oops! I just noticed that you already have me up there. Thanks! I appreciate it. :o)

  22. Halifax~no problem, you're welcome!

    witoxicity~you're too kind, thank you!

    nathalie~I know, it's easy to get discouraged, and always nice when someone starts to notice your efforts. Yes, the swatch posting will begin Saturday!

    Delaynee~your request has been noted. Watch soon for swatches.

    AllYouDesire~I really enjoy helping people, I think that's the best part of this :)

    Lipton|TEE~added you!

    Cali369~added you to the roll and watch soon for your swatch request!

    Ange-Marie~I'm on it!

    April & Ashley~I have an interesting press release that I'll include parts of when I post swatches. Great marketing.

    Hannah Banana~added you to the blog roll and your entry is all set for the contest. No need to do anything more.

    Skye~thank you! These colors really caught my eye. I should've just gotten all of them! There are I think 3 I passed on.

    Lisa~added you! You must find China Glaze, you'll be hooked! Good luck in the contest.

    hitomi~I always think that about helping others. It does seem to come back, no doubt. Your request will be answered!

    Claudia~glad to hear good things about them! I need to Konad more :)

    Kirsten~I added you, and thank you for carrying mine on your blog roll! I'll do a swatch for you soon!

    Kelsey~I'll post all of the swatch requests this weekend :)

    Lucy~watch for swatches this weekend. I know what you mean, I get overwhelmed by how many blogs I'm following and feel bad that I don't have time to comment on all of them. But I certainly enjoy reading them all and seeing the pretty pictures!

    cbh02b~added you!

    MeganChair~I'm glad I could be an inspiration to you. You're doing a fantastic job with your new blog! Added you!

  23. Mary, I have to echo all the other comments here.
    How thoughtful of you to encourage and promote other np bloggers! You really do have a kind heart, I love the niceness of blogging community.

  24. adorepink~it's a wonderful community, I agree!