Monday, January 18, 2010

Orly Sweet Spring II 2010: Pixy Stix, Lemonade & Gumdrop

Above: Pixy Stix is a Carnation pink with a hint of Coral. This was my personal favorite of the three.
Below: Lemonade is a lighter shade of yellow, the perfect 'butter' yellow. Once the second coat was applied, an opaque look was achieved. Very rare, in my experience with yellows.
Below: My apologies for neglecting to push the Macro button on my camera for this one. Gumdrop also covered nicely in 2 coats. The official description of this is a Pastel Turquoise. I compared it to several polishes I have, and it is extremely close to China Glaze For Audrey. Before I removed this one, I applied For Audrey over one nail, and the difference was very minimal.
Orly's second collection for Spring 2010 is simply called Sweet, and includes 6 pastel creme shades that come with matching lip gloss mini's. As I've mentioned before, I get a little nervous when I use pastel creme shades, because my application skills are lacking in those types of formulas and I usually end up with more coats than I'd like, as well as streaking. Not so much with these though, I'm happy to report! I used 2 coats on all 3 of these, and the formula performed better than most pastel cremes I have used in the past. The drying time was very good, and they all finished with a high gloss shine. This is a very nice Spring collection and the colors make me happy! I don't know that I've ever noticed this before, but Orly's polishes contain 0.6 fl. oz., rather than the standard 0.5 fl. oz. You can click here to see a photo of the entire collection and read their official description.
*This post features sample products furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm.


  1. Pixi Stix is so pretty! I am adding it to my lemming list!

  2. I'm not really a pink lover, but this one's really sweet!

  3. I love that they named a polish Pixie Stix! Lovely colors! Pastels usually make me look nice and healthy. I definitely want to get Lemonade.

  4. Gumdrop all the way! All look lovely on you, though

  5. Sorry, not my kind of colours.

  6. Thanks for the review! Seems like they are good quality and worth investing in :)
    I like lemonade.

  7. They all look good but I would like to see some jellies from nail polish companies!Imagine a yellow jelly?It would be amazing!

    By the way I've read on Thoughts of Beauty that you contributed in the Hands of Hope collection by B Couture. What an amazing idea and what a lovely collection! :) Great job!

  8. Great swatches; but I think that I am going to skip this collection.

  9. I like 2 out of 3. Lemonade, I just *know* is not going to look good on me. But nice collection Orly.

  10. I am actually really enjoying all these shades that you posted.. And here I thought I would maybe just like Pixy Stix.. I am getting my bank account prepared now!!

  11. Hi Mary,how are ya? I've been seeing so many yummy pastel colors on everyones blog. It makes me look forward to spring. These Orly pastels are beautiful on your nails.

  12. Oooh, I'm so excited about seeing this Orly collection! thank you for the swatches. Very lovely!

  13. I'm not really into pastels but these are gorgeous. If only they didn't make my hands look too red...they look very pretty on you however.

  14. I really love this whole collection and can't wait for it be released! These look great on you!

  15. Evil Angel~I know it's 'just a pink' but I love it too!

    Michele~I think it's that slight hint of coral that's making me love it so much :)

    Twister~they're all fun colors, aren't they?

    April & Ashley~I also like the Blueberry Snowcone one from this collection that I've seen on some other blogs. Fun collection!

    Lacquer Laine~it is pretty, so many mint/aquas coming out, but they're all different.

    Nienna~I'm not a huge pastel fan, but I like these, bright and fun. More money saved for you though!

    Rebecca~I've always been fond of Orly polishes, very nice quality.

    Katie~hmmm, jelly pastels! That would be interesting! It was nice working with them, both are very nice ladies and for a great cause!

    gildedangel~I like the dhades, but honestly, I'm getting so many 'similar' shades with all of these pastels.

    adorepink~I am very pleased with the color range that Orly has been offering over the last year or so.

    Pinkginger~I totally agree, my favorite!

    Delaynee~so many pretties coming out lately. Not helping the bank account, is it?!!

    Velvet~I'm doing well! Nice to hear from you :) These colors certainly make me look forward to warmer weather!

    Nicole~you're welcome! Gives us some hope for Spring :)

    Millie~yellows look odd on me, even though I prefer the lighter ones like this. I do like the other two shades better with my coloring.

    Jessica~I like that these are a little 'bolder' in color than some of the other pastels.

  16. Lovely pastels. I'm trying to ignore so many of them. I'll wait till most of them come out and then pick some. That will be a miracle if I can do it!

  17. i definitly want all the new orly polish ? do you know han they're avaible ??