Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Milani Holo Swatches: Hi-Tech, Digital & HD

Above & Below: High-Tech is naturally my favorite, simply because it's green. Of these 3, this is the one that has the strongest holographic look. All photos were taken in direct sunlight as well as in filtered sun with no flash on the green and silver shades.
Below: Digital is a faded burgundy shade, less pink and more light burgundy. The glitter is holographic as well, giving these polishes a nice look, even though the 'holo' image is not as strong as I would have hoped.
Below: HD, although a pretty silver with color-changing glitter, had very little holographic effect to it.
Below: Gus says thank you for all of your kind words and wishes yesterday! We won't have any test results back for a week, so he's just hanging out in the hallway watching me write my post. He was so good during his ultrasound yesterday. The vet was amazed that he was able to shave him and do an ultra sound on his kidneys, liver and heart without being sedated.
Holy Holo! Milani's newest collection is called 3D Holographic, and offers 6 holographic glitter shades (see post below for bottle pictures of all 6) in a nice range of colors. I know I started this post with 'Holy Holo', but to be honest, they're not that holographic. Don't get me wrong, because I love these polishes for what they are, but if you're thinking that the 'holo' will be as intense as NFU Oh's 62 or some of OPI's Designer Series shades, you'll be disappointed. The 'holo' was most evident in the green shade, Hi-Tech, of the 3 I've tried so far. I photographed these all in the same lighting, and only had to use 2 coats, which I was happy about. The glitter itself seems to be holographic as well, doing a little color-changing dance on the nails as your hands move around. The glitter is fine, the polishes are fairly pigmented, and the result is quite attractive and not all that similar to anything else I have. Are they worth the $4.29 price tag? That's subjective of course, but to me, I'd say yes they are.


  1. Hugs for Gus!
    The Milanis look great!

  2. ..."doing a little color-changing dance on the nails as your hands move around." *gg*
    I love how you described that- love the swatches

  3. I really love High-Tech. I want it!
    My love to your Gus. Will keep him in my thoughts.

  4. Hug Gus a million times from me! I love dogs and have two myself, so I can imagine what an ordeal this must be for you...
    Polishes are really pretty - especially High-Tech ;)

  5. I loved the hi-tech and digital. I hope your dog is well:)

  6. I love the green and pink.

    I wish I could just come over and get in the floor and cuddle with Gus. He is such a beautiful dog, and lucky to have such a loving mom and a mom who knows tons of people to send love his way at that!

  7. Those are gorgeous!!! Gus is so cute btw!

  8. awwwww hugs for the puppy! I like the pink. The green looks too gold for me :(

  9. Owww many hugs for the Gus ;D

    Love those colors :)

  10. Hey you Gus, hang in there!

    And the green is amazing....

  11. Aww, huge hugs to Gus! What a gorgeous guy he is, did I tell you before that I love his name, too? I hope he'll be okay.
    These are really pretty and my fave is the green as well, it's gorgeous. I will hope to catch these on a bogo! I still haven't seen them or the WnW yet. Thank you for the swatches!

  12. I'll definitely have to look for these!! Sorry your dog isn't feeling well. :(

  13. High Tech is gorgeous!!! Feel better Gus! *hugs*

  14. Gus is just beautiful. I know you probably are already in love with him. What a good dog he was to go through the tests. I hope he gets good results. The green holo is my favorite of course. I think I'll skip this collection. I prefer the OPI's and the China Glaze holo's.

  15. Love the holo's and Gus is such a beautiful dog!

  16. Hello pretty boy! I hope you feel better soon!

  17. Hugs to Gus!!I hope he gets good results from his tests!

    I'm not so much into holos I think they don't look good on me but I really like them on other people!

  18. Evil Angel~Gus thanks you! These are very nice polishes.

    amusedPolish~but they really do dance! Ha-ha!

    Mighty Lambchop~Gus extends his paw to you in thanks! High-Tech won me over right away also.

    Vanessa~another vote for High-Tech! I'll hug Gus for you :)

    Camila~thank you for the well wishes! Of course I love Hi-Tech, but Digital surprised me. I thought it would be a boring pink, but it's actually very pretty and not so much pink!

    Jessica~pretty colors, I agree. Gus is very snuggly. My female is more independent and only lets you hug her briefly, but not the G-Man!

    gildedangel~aww, thank you, we think he's pretty cute too!

    Ange-Marie~It does look a little gold, now that you mention it! But not too much.

    rijaH~Gus thanks you all for the hugs! Yes, very pretty colors!

    Thess~I really like all of these, but if I had to choose, the green would probably be my favorite.

    Nicole~my husband named him, but I'm not sure where the name came from! The WnW ones are starting to show up, so watch for them.

    MMM~thanks for the kind thoughts! I hope you can find these, because they're so pretty!

    Pinkginger~Gus send a hug right back! Glad you like the polishes too!

    Lucy~Gus thank you! These are definitely not holo's in the sense that we're used to, but still nice.

    Michele~they are really unique polishes, just not entirely holo-ish!

    rotarygirl~he's doing really well this week, so let's hope the test results aren't too bad :)

    Katie~thanks for the love for Gus! These are nice shades, I was surprised that even though they don't have much holo, I still am entranced by them.

  19. I am lemming this collection so badly! Hopefully they will be available at cherryculture soon. :)

    Thank you for your swatches (and creating huge lemmings over here)! =D

  20. the-swatchaholic~you're welcome, glad to increase your lemmings! They are nice though :)

  21. layering these over a coordinating creme polish like the Milani Neons really brings the holo out - especially Digital layered over Pink Hottie. :)