Saturday, January 9, 2010

Guest Blogger Series: Kelly from Plane Beauty with nails inc.

This morning's post features a U.K. brand, nails inc., from my first guest blogger, Kelly. Her makeup and beauty blog, Plane Beauty, can be found here. Check out her fantastic looks and the products she features, and show her some love! If you'd like to be a guest blogger on my blog, just send me an eMail. Old and new bloggers alike are welcome. I'm hoping to feature a guest each week, so we can add to our growing reading list, as well as help out some bloggers who'd like more exposure. Thank you Kelly, for sharing your thoughts on nails inc., and for increasing my desire for more of these polishes! Here's what Kelly has to say:

I love nails inc. polishes, however they are on the pricey side, retailing at £10.50 each! So whenever I can get them on sale or in a set, I snap them up straight away.

QVC is a great place to buy nails inc. polishes on the cheap! Currently they have a gift set called 'nails inc. 11 Piece Party Perfection Collection' for just £24, so considering how much an individual polish costs, it's a great deal! Of course as soon as I saw that, it went straight into my basket. And that's what I have here to show you...
In the set you receive 7 full size (10ml) and four mini (4ml) polishes.
Baker Street is a bright coral shade that has a cream finish. In the above picture it does appear more red than what it is in real life. Application is smooth and is opaque in 2 coats. My only problem with the polish is that it is very messy to remove.
Portman Place is such a pretty mid tone purple shade, I wanted to say a royal purple but I don't think it has enough blue in it to be classed as that. The above picture is two coats, however I think three coats is needed for the polish to be totally opaque. (Sorry the bottle doesn't appear in the picture)
Portland Place is my favourite from the set. It's such a gorgeous medium teal shade which is nothing like any other polish in my collection. It goes on like a dream and two coats is all it needs. This is the one shade from the collection I would recommend to everyone. (Apologies from the konad design on my nails in the picture)
Paddington Street is a rich dark red and is another one of my favourites. The flash makes the nail polishes appear much lighter than what it is. In real life it's a couple of shade darker than what it appears in the above image. It has a cream finish and is opaque with two coats.
Beaumont Street is a bright hot pink (on QVC it's described as 'dark pink' really?) Again, like all of these polishes, the application was very easy, this one was opaque with 3 coats. However, if you have shorter nails, two would be fine. Warwick Avenue is a very sheer baby pink. Although this polish is very, very sheer I do like it. I might not wear it on it's own, as I'm not one for doing coat after coat, but this would look nice layered over another polish. This would also work great as the pink for a french manicure! Above picture is three coats.
Victoria Street is a light silver polish with a metallic finish. This is my least favourite of all the nails inc. polishes from this set. I'm not a big fan of metallic polishes as it is, but this one I found too sheer (above picture is 3 coats and the nail is still visible). It also leave visible brush strokes. The best way I found to use this was to layer it over another grey polish.
All of the mini polishes are colours which appear in the permanent nails inc. line, however these have been slightly changed by adding glitter to each of them for the holiday season.

-South Molton Street Glitter is a very sheer pink. The above swatch is three coats and as you can see, the nail is clearly visible. This is definantly a layering polish, but pretty nonetheless.
-Aspen Glitter is a high shine, almost metallic, red. It's such a pretty colour! nails inc. describes this polish as a Ruby Slipper red, and I totally agree.
-Jermyn Street Glitter is my favorite of the mini polishes. It's a gorgeous taupey-grey shade which is just perfect for winter! I love this one so much I'm thinking about buying the full size of the original!
-Caviar Topcoat Glitter is a glitter topcoat :). It's super shiny and great for layering onto cream nail polishes for added sparkle.

Overall, this set is an amazing value for money! Each polish goes on well, lasts an average amount of time (3-4 days from the ones I've tried), and the set itself has many colours to choose from. A great gift for a nail polish loving friend, or a little treat for yourself :)

Big thanks to Mary for letting me be a guest blogger!


  1. No wonder Portland Place is your favourite. It looks awesome!
    Mary, this series is great! Love your blog.

  2. I've only one Nails Inc. polish in my collection, and it's all thanks to Sarah - I adore it! I love to see the swatches, they seem to have a lovely selection.
    Great idea Mary!

  3. I'm not a big fan of Nails Inc but I have seen Jermyn St swatched a LOT so I think that is worth getting in full size.

  4. I love this sereis; those are great swatches!

  5. One the UK mags offered a bottle for free so I bought the mag for 2 pounds. I really love the formula! lasted about 4 days :) but a bit on the pricey side.

  6. Ooooooh Nails Inc.!
    Sometimes I wish I was British just so I could snatch these up!

  7. When I'd read they were sold on QVC on another blog I rushed to order online. Imagine my disappointment when it was only in the UK! Pretty shades and I like the series.