Sunday, January 31, 2010

Color Club Gossip Column from Rebel Debutante

Above & Below: Color Club Gossip Column shown using 2 coats. The application was excellent! The above photo is under an Ott light, while the photo below is with no flash in filtered sunlight.
Below: A bottle comparison with a near dupe, American Apparel's Peacock. Color Club's will cost you less than half the price.
Below: My newly reorganized untried shelf. I'm out of room and there's a couple of dozen more somewhere else, so I'm declaring February as not only my blog's anniversary month, but also as "swatch what you have and no more purchases until at least one shelf is cleared off" month! Remind me of that the next time I mention that I picked something new up!
Gossip Column is my first swatch from Color Club's soon to be released Rebel Debutante collection. This is a deep Peacock blue shade, leaning more toward teal than turquoise. I used 2 coats in the photos and had a smooth application without any problems. This shade is highly pigmented and I didn't even experience any streaking on the first coat. Whenever I use a shade for the first time, I often wonder what I might already have in my collection that is similar. I only looked as far as my untried shelf and compared it to American Apparel's Peacock, and I would say that they're a very near dupe. If you missed out on the original run of AA's polishes or are looking for a less expensive alternative--with a better formula, in my opinion, because I added thinner to the AA polishes I've used so far, as they were on the thick side--check out Gossip Column. They should be available in the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of untried polishes, I reorganized my shelf that holds mine this week because I wanted to keep all of the same brands together, and things had gotten a little out of order. I realized that the untried's are winning and I need to get busy swatching! Thankfully, I have no orders or samples/new collections for review on the way, and I'm not the least bit interested in OPI's Hong Kong. I just realized that there are more on another shelf too that aren't pictured, so yes, I need an intervention. Or an extra couple of sets of hands!


  1. I really like this color.
    LOL Your untrieds looks about as daunting as mine.

  2. Wow, great color! I can't wait to see the rest of this collection. Oh, and I'll be glad to take some polish off your hands while you are busy swatching, ha ha! I can play with them but give them back in time for your fabulous swatching.

  3. Those untried ones are piling up! haha I love this color!

  4. Whoa, so many untried, I only have a dozen or so (I'm pretty good about buying only when I run out of new ones). Of course I have plenty of pre-blog unphotographed ones.
    I'd love to see that minty Sinful Colors, btw. ;-)

  5. I dont even want to think about all the untrieds I have, its a scary thought. You're brave for keeping them separate from the others, mine are all mixed in and its better thay way for me :)

  6. Wow, that shelf is the stuff dreams are made of! LOL!
    Cant wait to see the rest of the color club collection...

  7. I'm so glad you swatched this one, I was curious to see it. And now that I saw it, I think I'm going to add it to my next order, it's gorgeous :-)))

  8. Wow and I was getting stressed about my 10 untried bottles! lol!

  9. These teals are so pretty! And thanks for the comparison pic :-)
    I'm seeing some interesting untrieds too :-)

  10. That's a beautiful teal that you have on! Looks really good on you!

  11. Great color ! I thought my dozen of untried polishes was a lot, now my mind is eased about it ! :D

  12. What a beautiful shade of peacock on you. I love this creme. I think this will go on my list of "wants". Really love this shade. I don't have any of the AA polishes. You have to get very busy. Lots of swatching for you.

  13. Evil Angel~glad I'm not the only one with too many untried's! I just love this color--the more I looked at it, the more I loved it :)

    Euridice~isn't it a perfect peacock creme shade? I'll gladly take you up on helping get through the untried stash!

    Nail Fanatic~love this color too! I am really going to try this month to get through lots of the untried. I think I have everything I need--for a while, anyway!

    CucumPear~this is a little out of control with these untried ones right now! I'll try and get to the Sinful for you very soon :)

    Jessica~I had to get them organized--I started finding duplicates and thought it was time to see what I actually had!

    adorepink~ha-ha, more like nightmares until I can pare it down a bit! The Color Club collection looks really nice, different for Spring,in a good way.

    Tuli~I love it too, such a pretty shade and the formula was much better than the American Apparel one.

    gildedangel~one of my favorite shade families!

    Rebecca~I know, I know! But if I end up with a bare space on the shelf, I feel the need to fill it--a never-ending cycle!

    Michele~I always enjoy comparisons from others, so I need to do more of those.

    Garland~thank you! I love this shade.

    Ayuu~glad you like this shade! 12 is a nice manageable number :)

    Lucy~I liked the AA polishes, some different shades, but I had to thin every one of them and I still have a few I'm not entirely happy wwith formula-wise. This was beautiful right out of the bottle.