Friday, January 22, 2010

Color Club Debuts 3 New Collections

Above: The Pardon My French collection includes 7 shades, which I believe are 4 cremes and 3 glitters. L-R: Pardon My French (c), I Believe In Amour (c), Hot Couture (g), Oh Naturale (c), Turn The Other Chic (g), Take Me To Your Chateau (c), Si Vous Please (g). Yen tells me her favorite is Take Me To Your Chateau. (Note: Click on all 3 promo pictures to enlarge the detail.)

Below: The Rebel Debutante collection includes 9 creme shades L-R: Who Are You Wearing, High Society, Best Dressed List, Charity Ball, Uptown Girl, She's So Glam, Ms. Socialite, Rebel Debutante, Gossip Column.
Below: The Poptastic collection includes 9 vivid (creme, I think!) shades L-R on the salon display photo: Almost Famous, Wham! Pow!, Poptastic, Jackie OH!, Warhol, Pucci-licious, Mrs. Robinson, Twiggy, Chelsea Girl. I'm definitely buying some of these just for the name alone!
Below: Color swatches show some shades from Poptastic across the top row and the first one on the bottom left row. The other five on the bottom row are from the Pardon My French collection.
Below: I'm assuming these are some shades from the Rebel Debutante collection.
I have some information from Yen at Victoria Nail Supply that I wanted to share with you regarding new collections coming soon from Color Club. She tells me that shipments should start to arrive next week, although I'm uncertain as to if she means on all any rate, it's more polish shades to look forward to!

Pardon My French-Ready to go sheer Color Club Introduces Pardon My French, a collection of long-lasting lacquers that define sexy sophistication. These versatile shades look hot when worn over another color or all by themselves and you won't find these amazing colors anywhere else this season! (7 shades, including 3 glitters).

Rebel Debutane-It's a new spin on classic color! Rebel Debutante is the newest collection from Color Club, and it's made for the girl who likes the finer things. These high-quality enduring shades are perfect for every public appearance! (9 creme shades, 3 lip glosses).

Poptastic-The time has come for Poptastic! Color Club's latest collection explodes with bright-hot color that's impossible to ignore. These quality lacquers are long wearing and designed to make the scene all season long! (9 creme shades).


  1. WOW!! The Poptastic Collection is gonna be mine! (*drooools*) Fantastic shades - so bright, summery and cheerful ;)
    The Rebel Debutante Collection is very appealing as well - lots of goodies there judging only by these promo pics.
    I don't really care for the Pardon My French Collection... little too boring for my personal liking ;)
    Can't wait to see them swatched!

    Oh - and if/when you *speak* to miss Yen at Victoria Nail Supply, can you please tell her to start shipping internationally - not now, but as of

  2. Oh wow, I need to see these on nails asap! :)
    I would also love if VNS shipped internationally!

  3. Just when I thought I could safely go on a no-buy!

  4. Wow! Thanks for the heads up, LOVE Color Club so this is going to be crazy! These all look like so much fun!

  5. Yay! I want the glitters,and the Poptastic collection.

  6. Damn Color Club, you are overwhelming me. Those glitters from the French look like the Japanese ones. Also they would make one crazy looking french mani. I wonder if they're similar?

  7. I particularly love the baby pink and the baby blue of the French collection. <3

  8. Oh those look amazing- too bad they don't sell all 9 from poptastic and rebel debutante in one package...

    I think that's the first time I'll buy a whole collection ^^

  9. I pretty much want all of those.

  10. I see a few shades that I want. Like the greens and the purples. Color Club is making it tough to not spend money!

  11. Wow, I can find a color I want from every collection here. Nice, color club.

  12. Love the Rebel Debutante collection

  13. I just checked the VNS site and the Poptastic collection is listed as being available on 1/29/10. No sign of the other two collections that you've posted (darn it!!!).

  14. Holy s***! This is freaking awesome. I think I died and went to polish heaven.

  15. Vanessa~glad you like the collections (most of them anyway!). I'll be sure to mention it to Yen!

    AllYouDesire~I know, they look great in the photos but we need 'real' pictures! Yen will get your message :)

    Jessica~that one really seems appealing, so bright and colorful.

    Elena~is there ever a good time to go on a no-buy? Ha-Ha!

    Nicole~I love Color Club. Always coming out with great collections.

    Velvet~I have all of the Japanese glitters, so I'm hoping they're similar to that for layering.

    Rachel~I wondered that as well. I think they are from looking at them.

    Jellynat~I love that baby blue one.

    amusedPolish~I thought that was interesting that there are more shades in the collections than in the sets. We'll just need them all!

    Nienna~I agree. Quite a variety of colors on all of these collections.

    Chrissy~sounds like we're all in agreement on that!

    Lucy~they're so reasonably priced too, so we can get even more :)

    adorepink~nice of them to do that for us! I see lots I love too.

    rmcandlelight~I do too. The colors look a little different.

    Kelsey~I don't know specific dates on these yet, but I amagine they'll come out one at a time over the next couple of months.

    Arrianne~I know, so many pretties :)

  16. im dying for the Take Me To Your Chateau color from the Pardon My Freanch collection!!! i want it so bad but where i live they dont sell color club and my mom thinks buying it online is bad and she doesnt let me cuz im too young and blah blah blah.... u kno the speech.... but ugh i want it!!!!!!!! 8-)